There are some things we see without seeing, but in them a whole world is held unto themselves. For the last couple of years, wildlife photographer Robert Bush Sr. has had a trail camera situated above a stream in the Pennsylvania wilderness. The "log" videos are mesmerizing and entertaining, as we observe how integral this log is to the life of the forest. What appears to be just a log is so much more...a dinner table, a roadway, a hunting post, a courting place, and a way to find home.


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  • D. Talbot

    This is very interesting how the animals and birds use the fallen tree.

  • Leslie

    I fine this thrilling. intoxicating. Thank you for your work,

  • Rose Rita Huelsmann

    That someone noticed and made it. The interconnectedness of all things. All creatures great and small used it and shared.

  • judith Simpson

    Every single beiing and every moment of sound. Thank you. This was my home of my grandfather growing up.

  • Allison

    It is wonderful to see the variety of life with which we coexist. I also enjoyed seeing the kingfisher whack its fish on the log.

  • Kathy

    Wonderful to see how everything in nature has a purpose. Thank you for sharing such a magical video.

  • Gilmer Dudley

    Amazing! Wonderful!

  • Mary Lynn

    Just magical--I loved the 'permanence' of the log as a focus. All the different creatures and how they made it across the log--sure-footed or flighty or slipping. I laughed out loud when a bear and bobcat (I think?) looked right in the camera. What a gift--thanks so much!

  • Kate

    Loved the gracefulness of most of the bears.

  • Joanna

    It filled my heart and made me smile. 🥰 Thank you for sharing.

  • Janine

    The variety of wildlife crossing the log was incredible. I noticed that the beautiful Wood Ducks weren't listed in the cast of characters.

  • Mary

    I love this. Wish more people were inspired by the natural world, as maybe they’d be more interested in saving it.

  • Kristen

    I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania surrounded by "cricks" (creeks), they were my favorite childhood playground. Somehow I could always perceive this action whenever I crossed a log, I certainly loved to imagine it while I was out playing.

  • Kathryn

    Seeing the animals in their natural habitat, and their comfort balancing across the log. By seeing the changes in water level and foliage I was reminded of impermanence being natural and is comforting to see life through that lens. Thank you , Bob.

  • Roberto

    This is fantastic! and the photographer sticking his face in was the crowning moment! I had to delete 100 emails to find this one!

  • Diane

    Nature is so beautiful. Even in the death of the tree it is a gift to those who need it.

  • Joyce

    This was delightful this morning to just sit and be with all those beautiful animals and watch the changing seasons around a log - lovely, thank you.

  • marcia

    I grew up in Susquehanna County, now 84 and living in Michigan for 58 years.. Have been recalling adolescent years recently…spent childhood in what we called The Back Woods…never saw any wildlife..just wild friend..we had paths every which way and since it was WW2 time dug foxholes. we also always carried rattlesnake bite kits when as Girl Scouts we ventured into unknown territory. This was a wonderful video…Thank you…

  • Ruud

    Just a log...discovering the beauty and meaning of things...for the ones that are aware. Thank you for your patience and that of your camera :).

  • Gay

    What a gift being able to see all these different wild animals up close in their habitat, doing their thing! Thank you so much Robert.

  • Katherine Triboli

    I love the log - year 2! Sweet. Thank you. Kit T.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you Robert Bush Sr. for the time and patience and energy to film and edit this!

  • Penny

    Seeing it again, I noticed details I hadn't before. Wonderful way to experience wildlife.

  • Dianne Brooke

    Wow! Such diversity! Who'd a thunk "just a log" would be such a gathering place for such diverse wildlife! Wonderful!

  • Yvonne McAskill

    The diversity …with the coming and going ..was enthralled

  • Marg

    I was completely enthralled by this video and the rich diversity of wildlife in this one small area. The log is the bridge to "everywhere".

  • Cathryn

    A compelling video that reveals just how much we do not know about a little spot in the world- who knew so many species frequented this log!? Thank you so much for sharing it!

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