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This beautifully moving film features Aralyn Doiron, a delightful woman who has trained to be a Death Walker, someone who values a relationship with death and someone who values life. She suggests that it is only when we acknowledge that we are going to die one day, that we can truly start to live. The fact that many of us are separated from death is a disconnect from our humanity. She encourages having normal conversations about death, something we don't usually talk about, bringing death more into our lives in an enlivening way. Death teaches us about impermanence and about valuing what we have in the moment.


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  • Marje Stickler

    Its simplicity from a well grounded spiritual person. She radiates beauty and truth.

  • Rose Tarquinio

    I have never heard of a Death Walker and I am very intrigued by it. I used to work at a local Hospice and I loved helping families talk about what each was avoiding. The family didn't want to upset the person who was dying and the person dying did not want to upset their families by talking about their fears and hopes. These were some of the best conversations I ever heard and then I would silently leave the room as they carried on. They were eternally grateful and I was eternally blessed to be a part of such an intimate conversation. I always felt I lived life to the fullest until I had my mastectomy on 2-9-12. Currently my 17 year old grandson is battling osteosarcoma bone cancer and he will be done with chemo shortly before Thanksgiving and had 2 major surgeries 6 days a part. Every day we all have is precious. THank you for sharing this information with the world. God bless you

  • Glynis

    I love the term "death walker" having not heard it before. I agree wholeheartedly with Aralyn as it is SO important to talk about dying, death and dead to truly appreciate living, life and ALIVE!

  • Toby Adelman

    Loved this video. Arlyn is, indeed, a delight to encounter here in Trail of Light. She reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: "The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are." Marcus Aurelius I plan to shift into the space of being a Death Walker. Thank you, Aralyn, for sharing your wisdom and practice. Beautiful.

  • monika Andreas

    I’m not afraid to die. I have lived my life fully and have much to humanity by teaching yoga classes for over forty years and offering conscious raising workshops in my yoga center. I traveled a lot and saw much of our beautiful planet and would like to travel a little more. I’ve been blessed with three sons, who have fabulous wives, seven wonderful grandchildren and now two great grandchildren-I am blessed in so many ways, especially, with good health. Thank you for confirming what I already know. I like the idea about leaving a trail of likght.

  • Neil

    Aralyn has such gentle grace, wisdom and peaceful clarity. Very grounding with a message that needs to be heard by all.

  • Barbara Alaimo

    I need to start connecting in a meaningful way with those I love so there will be no regrets for not saying what I wanted to say. I shared a eulogy with my dad before he died. I didn't tell him it was his eulogy; just why I loved him.

  • Kay

    Thank you dear Aralyn! I also love the subject of death and am fascinated by all aspects. I was a chaplain in hospice and loved that work and hope to return to helping people die with grace.

  • Ellen

    We are all death walkers, some a bit more reluctant than others. I think the fear of death is none other than a fear of the unknown. At age 73, I know death is stalking me but I no longer fear the stalker. Life and death; the opposite ends of the same continuum, can’t have one without the other.

  • Laila

    Amazingly beautiful and gentle.

  • Christiane

    Dear Aralyn Doiron, you have brought me back to my Song, the feeling of Beauty in every living thing on a day where I suffer from having left energy where it doesn't belong. Weeding my garden had provoked only exhaustion about its abundant overgrowth of wild strawberries under falling leaves. The treasure of your film mirrors the treasure of the life I live. Thank you for the Passion!

  • loWell Brook

    What a beautiful life! Aralyn creates the world around her that reflects her inner peace and harmony.

  • Eileen Campbell

    Such wonderful authenticity Aralyn shows in reminding us how important it is to be mindful of death's inevitability, but how in facing it we are able to live fully. Thank you.

  • Ellyn Hartman

    I’ve experienced numerous deaths personally and professionally (nurse). Is there a group offering your workshop in the US? I’m interested. Perhaps on zoom? Thanks ellynwhartman@gmail.com (California)

  • Naomi Rose

    This film is really beautiful, with a quietness and heartfulness that's quite touching. This woman, the "Death Walker," embodies a grace that I would like to live with (and die with). Very sweet.

  • Haydee

    Value what I have now in this moment,

  • Diana Probert

    Refreshingly honest and I really appreciate the openness about death and dying. I love the Trail of Light image and leaving the earth a better place - grace - beautiful.

  • Shova Maharjan

    Thank you Aralyn for putting it together so beautifully! Indeed, we need to live responsibly and enjoy how best I can make it.

  • Don MacWatt

    A bright and positive perspective from one who creates and communes. Shared sensitively Mandarin generously. A lovely soul.

  • Lanny Cotler

    A friend who often refuses to look closely at what happens BEFORE DEATH, if not to him, then to so many others. I asked him to watch this video I made a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2Xh5eN2fXY I hope you do, too.

  • Rachael Wild

    May I adopt you as my sister? My thoughts have been echoing yours, particularly since becoming 50. Every day we can create the light we want to leave in our wake..this pushes me to live in each moment.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to being a trail of light, thank you Aralyn for such grace and beauty in speaking about death <3

  • Leslie Gernon

    What a beautiful reminder/tribute to being as okay with death as one is with life. I remember reading about Bhutan and their measure of GNH (gross national happiness) and wondering what it was in their lives that contributed to their happiness. About a year later I learned that folks in Bhutan remind themselves 5-times each day that they're going to die (which makes each day, perhaps each segment within a day, rich and meaningful).

  • Guillermina

    Really mmoving and full of light! Thanks for sharing, I was touched by how Aralyn's reflection of death makes her transmit so much cherish for Life. Namaste, Aralyn!

  • Brenda Finne

    Beautiful! I love your heartwarming story. Thank you Aralyn, I've always felt how you do - thank you for putting my feelings into this beautiful film.

  • Dan Brooks

    Hmmm? I knew the truth about being conscious about our impending death and, more so, that it can come at any minute, demands that we be more conscious about our living as well.

  • Christine

    Thank you, Aralyn, for touching my heart with your movie. I just accompanied my sister on her journey into death. Now I know and understand what peace is. One of our Austrian philosophers used to say: Usually we either know something or we believe in something, Where our knowledge ends, our faith (believing) begins. Only with death this is not the case: We know that we are going to die one day, but we do not believe it. Living every day as if it was the last is hard... but for sure it makes life more intens. This was so clear in your movie.

  • Kerri

    I love the death conversation! I love the aliveness of transition, I love living with awareness and kindness for the experience. Thank you for bringing this conversation forward with so much love.

  • Lisa

    Thank you. Beautiful.

  • Cindy

    Very beautifully done - and said. Some wonderful quoteable moments including, "I'd like to know that when I die I have done no harm." ... one of many

  • Lekhraj

    Great lesson on impermanence, nothing stays the same, everything gets moved around. Like the way Aralyn ends the video by saying she would like to lead a trail of light at death. Embracing reality of death joyfully makes us truly enjoy the life by living each moment!

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