A film by Green Renaissance.

Jafta and Katriena are not people who take pills - they prefer to rely on nature's medicine. Even when he was a young boy, Jafta would visit the mountains to collect healing herbs. Now aged 84, he still cycles out to the mountains to hunt for herbs. He doesn't sell these herbs, but shares with those around him when they are ill. He gives from the heart, not expecting anything in return. It is his calling.


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  • Carrie Payne

    It is about coupledom - what is sacred about it. Very true and touching video.

  • Devika Chaturvedi

    I think JAFTA s'heart is made of gold he helps people who are ill I love how Jafta cares about everyone and even him and his wife.He is not selfish many people in this world are spoiled but Jafta is not one of them.

  • sister maryagnes leonard

    I watch it every day!!!!!

  • Dianne Chisholm

    the rich, resilient, robust character of Jafta, his partner and his passion for mountain herbs. Thank you so much.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    inspired by Jafta and Katriena's generosity, may we each give our gifts. May they (and we) also share our knowledge so that it does not die with us. Beautiful story, thank you. <3

  • Stacey Kasendorf

    The sweetness of this couple!!

  • Lawrence K Brown

    I was and is deeply moved by this video. First of all, it demonstrates how powerful love really is. Lovingly, from the very begin systems have been put in place to heal and maintain a well-fortified mind, body, and spirit. Secondly, through compassion, embracing, and emitting this love we seek to provide healing to everyone.

  • Luisa Wyant

    Joy from the simplicity of nature, of life, & love

  • Peggy

    Love in action. Living free of fear, lack or scarcity. Knowing abundance in simple living. Thank you to all for bringing me this today. May you be abundantly blessed.

  • Daniel

    This is so inspiring. To have that sense of sharing, caring, giving and respect for Mother Earth, as his elders taught him.... Love the way his wife's eyes smile and their tenderness fro one another. Silly take away: thank God for smelly feet. Real take away: "Make me a channel like Jafta... for it is in giving that we receive...."

  • Sahara

    Speechless after watching this priceless video..

  • IndraG

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful herbs of Love. Much appreciated.

  • Brian

    Peace Team. Thank you for sharing. The message of Natural wellness is connected to Jafta's understanding of "giving to give", not to receive? To Love, Care and serve one another. A "Universal Goodness", that is witnessed in every language and culture...May "Love in every language" be our common peace. The love knits all of our hearts together...peace on Earth...1

  • Jasmeet

    The generosity of the spirit... such open heartedly giving people with love and care. The joy in both of them was so beautiful to experience.

  • Carolyn

    I'm inspired by their mutual love and generosity with others.

  • Patrick Watters

    And sadly, though Jafta exercises care and nurture, the commercialization of herb gathering is increasingly detrimental. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6500648/

  • Patrick Watters

    Delightful. Green Renaissance is based in South Africa and of course there is much diversity there, both ethnic and economic. We all live in different places and circumstances, but it becomes clear that living simply is the key no matter where we find ourselves. Of course life on the urban fringe is very different than rural life (where wild herbs are abundant). We do what we can with what we have in love.

  • Cindy

    This is my favorite installment of karmatube to date. I can't imagine anything - any people, any story more beautiful.

  • Margaret Thompson

    If everyone lived according to this couple's ethos, imagine how different our world would be!

  • JoAnne Tuck

    The pure simplicity and authenticity and love was beautifully felt.

  • Don MacWatt

    It is so powerfully beautiful in its depth and lack of confusion. Simple truths that carry beyond our fears and prejudices. Finding healing within nature’s availability wherever we live and carrying forward the teachings from cultural knowledge and traditions. I simply love this story.

  • Marc

    This video is beautiful, and nice to see the energy that the herbs provides this couple but the real blessing is their radiant smile, pure heart and emanating love which is a reflection of Giving and Sharing...priceless!!

  • kz

    What inspires me is their open-heartedness, pace of life, love of the natural world--especially beloved Jafta. Thus, even though, materially, their lives seem impoverished, they are rich!

  • Diane Sukiennik

    They have found and live the secret of a life well lived.

  • sandra

    Beautiful! Thank you! This man (and his wife) have most beautiful hearts, and his eyes are the eyes of joy and purity. Soooo beautiful. Thank you

  • Diane

    What beautiful hearts these two people have.

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  • Find out how you might use some of the weeds in your garden for medicinal purposes.
  • Learning from his elders, Jafta always leaves roots behind so the herbs can grow again. He says "We should leave nature in a better state than we found it." How can you do that this very day, within the nature that surrounds you?

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