"Nonviolence is to be an artist with your humanity," says Ali Abu Awwad, Palestinian Peace Activist. In this short film made by the Metta Center for Nonviolence, veteran activists make clear the need for nonviolence on a worldwide scale at this critical stage in human evolution--not just to solve problems in an isolated crisis but as a way of life that can change the world for all of us. According to Dr. Bernard LaFayette, founder of the Center for Nonviolence & Peace studies, the challenge for each of us is "how to put love into action in a way that you maintain your self respect but you elicit respect from others." The question is, if love always wins, then how do we get there? This film shows how living nonviolently with love is a journey of learning and transformation into our untapped human potential.


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  • Vincent Trautmann

    Very inspiring, thank you! Where could we find the full video? 😊

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you. Love and nonviolence are incredibly strong and courageous responses. Indeed everyone has a good core. it is greed and fear that create so much violence. Something else I've found deeply important, listening with compassion to understand the fear underneath the hate and violence. As a survivor of several layers of abuse including childhood sexual abuse, I've learned to ask those who enact violence on others, what are your concerns and fears? This question when asked with compassion and listened to with nonjudgment can uncover so much. This question and listening is often missing. Im now studying Narrative Therapy Practices and I work in trauma recovery, I continue to learn each day the multitude of layers that impact how we see ourselves, each other and the world. I am heartened.

  • Cynthia Embree-Lavoie

    This video gave me some moments of hope at a time when there is so much hatred and violence seemingly everywhere.

  • Robin Reichert

    I am inspired and feel hope that change for the better can happen if we persevere with love!

  • Jagdish Dave

    The truth of nonviolence liberates us from our self-built prison and also from the prison built by others. This what I learned from Mahatma Gandhi.

  • Christine Grace

    Thank you, angel of love and light. I am the world of peace and live from this place to the best of my ability in everything I think say do have etc. Love IS who and what I Am.

  • Lauralea Suess

    How do I access the whole video?

  • Judith Hammond

    The feeling of hope in my heart... when I heard the words of these humans....

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