'Breaking Reins' is a 13-minute gem of a film-- cut with precision, and sparkling with the truth of human experience. Epic themes fold into it compactly: Love and loss, grief's stranglehold, Nature's alchemy, and the resurrection of unbridled hope. Directed by a 14-year-old, shot over less than 2 days, and starring a first-time actor who in his day job has worked 1:1 with over 2,000 horses, 'Breaking Reins' is a triumph in unscripted filmmaking, and a testament to the power of community. You won't want to miss this quiet masterpiece from Smooth Feather Youth.  


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  • Check out this in-depth dialog with Smooth Feather Youth's founder, Silas Hagarty, director Gwyneth Hibbert ,and actor/horseman Chris Lombard. 
  • Learn more about Smooth Feather, its prior productions and myriad activities.
  • Is there a loss that you, or someone close to you is navigating? How might you show up for yourself, or the other in a life-giving way that allows stuck emotions to flow?

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