'Breaking Reins' is a 13-minute gem of a film-- cut with precision, and sparkling with the truth of human experience. Epic themes fold into it compactly: Love and loss, grief's stranglehold, Nature's alchemy, and the resurrection of unbridled hope. Directed by a 14-year-old, shot over less than 2 days, and starring a first-time actor who in his day job has worked 1:1 with over 2,000 horses, 'Breaking Reins' is a triumph in unscripted filmmaking, and a testament to the power of community. You won't want to miss this quiet masterpiece from Smooth Feather Youth.  


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  • Janey

    That there is light, and there are memories amongst the grief and there are animals that love us and our owner inner resources that bring balance. A precious film Thankyou I feel a bit stronger and more able to cope with some of my fears...I think it has been well thought out, beautifully choreographed

  • Susan

    I lost my daughter 14 years ago. My daughter in law has a horse named Lilly and I instantly fell in love with her. Your film explained why. Thank you...Susan

  • Susan C

    I really liked the music, the sweetness of Jessie and her soft love of the horse, the horse's compassion for Pete, poignant scenes of several waves of grief. Applause.

  • ethel

    Love is so apparent. Sometimes words don't fit the feelings, but quiet actions and time to be with the love. How powerful that is.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Powerful story of love, loss, allowing grief and the incredible healing connection humans and horses can achieve. Huge congratulations to the 14 year old director too, you've done an Amazing job of capturing deep emotion.

  • Jodi

    That was so touching, horses are so magical! It really was so powerful! Brought tears to my eyes.

  • Carol

    The agony of loss was so powerfully portrayed! The empathy displayed by the horse was magical, so tender and inspiring. Beautifully done! Thank you.

  • Christopher

    I had a similar relationship with a stallion that I once owned. Touched my heart.

  • Flo J.

    Excellent. This pierced my heart. The pain. The loss. The loyalty and unconditional love of an animal to its master In a time of grief.. Kudos to all for a superb film. God bless!

  • Nita

    AS you said, a quiet masterpiece

  • Sara

    It's simplicity and how it impacts the viewer's inner spirit.

  • Marti

    Very few words.. but all the feelings very clear.. Thank you.

  • A

    Everything! The actors, the director, the content, the videography. Hope to see more by this talent. A movie meditation:)

  • Susan

    The healing power of a horse is unexplainable to those who have never experienced it. T

  • Chris

    Heart wrenching but inspiring and beautiful at the same time. Thanks

  • Bonnie

    Beautiful, gripping, redeeming, inspiring.

  • Charlotte Norris

    The emotions of the father, the boy and all the community members.

  • Lindianna

    just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, the path through is made by walking

  • fiona Mauchlan

    What a beautiful way to allow the pain to come thru him and honor his love for his daughter and let life keep flowing forward. Thank You

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