For all of us who have ever gathered a collections of fragments, scraps and bits; formed them into little beings and spent precious magical moments with these friends we've formed. This bittersweet little gem is for us.


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  • ivy

    "A reminder no matter how broken our world our lives - an amazing miracle is ours to create."

  • Carolyn Johnson

    I don't know why this went thru my mind, but I asked myself at the end of the video: how many people are treated as...stems? Used by others, then tossed aside. I think what prompted it was the one figure gently shaking the figure next to him that had stopped...before he,too,stopped.

  • Elza

    So creative on so many levels. Truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing

  • Vicki

    I do something a bit similar by collecting plastic trash that I find on the ground and create mobiles, and I like that she also uses stuff that she FINDS and doesn't go out and BUY new things for her creations. I also make things (flags, garlands, mobiles, collages, necklaces from paper beads)from recycled paper.

  • Carolyn

    Brilliant depiction of a moment in time.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Very creative. Peace on Earth

  • Patricia S. Brown

    I love bits and pieces!

  • RedShoes

    joyful in a time of deep grief, thank you!!

  • Shari S

    We all are searching for the next possibility for our creativity but some have no money for materials. Why not try this wonderful approach of using discarded bits and pieces and turning them into treasures with emotions!!! This wonderful film let's us open up to the universal expressions of tenderness.

  • Paula Schneider

    This was adorable, similar in nature to another animation, The Lost Thing, which is perhaps my favorite video of all time. If someone wishes to do this type of creation, I believe that one will find his or her innate curiosity and creativity will be sparked. From what I read of modern brain science, these two attributes, curiosity and creativity, are essential to the functioning of the healthy brain.

  • Sharyl P.

    I loved the little creatures! I didn’t find them sad at all, but mischievous, joyful, delightful! Loved the magic, the joy, the music, the whimsy — started my day with lots of smiles, which in these times we’re going through, is really a gift. Thanks!

  • Vinita

    i forwarded it because it made me smile!

  • Tom Dietvorst

    Whoooo! Almost spooky. So much like life. We are made up of stuff really...we have our short time on the stage and then "we" are gone...what is it that came before that continues after this form is gone? Thank you. Very poignant. Very deep.

  • Eileen

    The puppets look sad yet they exude a spiritual presence and an uncanny ability to speak through music, therefore healing us all.

  • Nancy

    I started the day with a smile. It made me feel so happy to watch. Thank you so much.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for reminding us of the magic around us if we allow our eyes to see differently. Loved the whimsy & emotions displayed.

  • marie trichka

    As a collector of fabric scraps from quilting, reminder all scraps are valuable when we use our imaginations. Well done!

  • Meredith

    These are great! Very creative and so fun! A good recycling effort!

  • Therese

    I loved the statement about collecting odd pieces and giving them life. Your creations are great. You gave them life and passed it on to us..thanks. I love to collect odd pieces and wonder sometimes why I am attracted to the odd and spare pieces that clutter my drawers! Great job of collecting and creating.

  • Dianne Brooke

    Insanely creative use of life's detritus that made me smile, thank you!

  • Cindy

    Soooo creative!!! Love it!

  • Margaret Thompson

    Charming, creative and uplifting. What we all need now.

  • Tracy

    I so loved Everything about this... the story line...the Life in these inanimate creatures... that they were making music.... ALL of it. Bravo!

  • Kay And Jerry

    How fun, creative, and inspiring!

  • Mary Beth

    I loved the sheer creativity behind it and the wonder of manipulating images in such a way. And also the scene inside a scene inside a scene of remembering.

  • Lisa

    Repurposing things to make incredible art!!! I love it!

  • Richard Whittaker

    What a little treasure this is...

  • Daniel Francis

    I wonder if this is what God feels like- just enjoying the creativity of it all and experimenting and loving "stuff" coming alive and then returning the favor by co-creating and seeing other things come alive in love and goodness.

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  • Submerse yourself in the world of puppets and stop motion animation.
  • Meet the composer of the magical music behind the video.
  • Unleash your younger self. Gather some bits and scraps. Make a little magical being of your imagination. Whisper secrets from your heart into that little creation.

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