Following on the heels of the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020, performance artist Wyatt Jackson and songwriters Gen Rubin and Cheryl Yie came together to write the song: Get Up. This song and video is a rallying cry and a call to action. It is a protest song, lamenting the inequalities in education, health care, justice, human rights, and many other areas that affect the lives of Black people. "No mother should have to tell her baby that others will avoid him, judge him, hate him, just for the color of his skin. What kind of world are we living in?" It urges us all to get up, to take action, because "it's not enough to just stand by."


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  • Chrissy Washburn

    movement and song leave a powerful impact - this is a message I'm so glad to see out in the world

  • L. Jackim

    I have a hearing deficit and I can't discern the words. Is it possible to receive a copy of the lyrics. Thank you.

  • H.Carol Schmidt

    Thank You. Music is universal, crosses all bounderies. Yes take action, first in your own community then grow that action to make lives better for others.

  • Helen Gennari

    A very powerful expression of a message too vast to ignore. What are the little ways I may be contributing to the inequalities and what can I change in my life~~how do I respond to this cry for action? I am inspired to address these questions.

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