The barbershop can be a safe haven for black men, a place for honest conversation and trust — and, as physician Joseph Ravenell suggests, a good place to bring up tough topics about health. He's turning the barbershop into a place to talk about medical problems that statistically affect black men more often and more seriously, like high blood pressure. It's a new approach to problem solving with broad applications. "What is your barbershop?" he asks. "Where is that place for you where people affected by a unique problem can meet a unique solution?"


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  • Learn about another community-based project bringing health care to neighborhoods, Project HAIR.
  • The idea of barbershops as safe havens for addressing personal health has also spread to men's mental health.
  • Reflect on Joseph Ravenell's question. Where are the places of trust and connection in your own community where the unique challenges of your community can be met?

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