Earth is our mother and when she suffers, we all suffer. Jennifer Abbott's climate change documentary "The Magnitude of All Things" helps us to see grief on a personal and global scale. When her sister died from cancer, Abbott's sorrow opened her up to the grief that is being experienced on a global level by people who are already losing their homes and lives due to climate change. The film is a reminder that together we can find our way to a better way of living if we open our eyes and challenge ourselves to live more simply each day.


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    Correction. Apologies for those outside of Canada who could not view the full film. We have replaced the film with the trailer so that it can be viewed from around the world. The first "Be the Change" action item to the right of the trailer gives you links for how to view the film.

  • Nancy Salmon

    "content not available in your area" - where is the film available? How can it become available in Maine? May our libraries or conversation organizations order or rent it?

  • Suzanne Taylor

    One Suzanne to another, we teach them about being human -- that we are an evolving species. We thought it was moral to wipe out "savages," and human slavery was acceptable to our founding fathers, but look at how we have evolved. That's what to teach -- that our evolution is still going on and us folks get to take humanity further and further into the mutuality, as one humanity, that is built into our design.

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    You may now watch the entire film here, in honor of Earth Day.

  • suzanne teune

    we do need to tell the truth. in so many ways. this is so essential. i've been thinking a lot lately about our nation's history here in america. how we hide it and gas light our children ubiquitously. children grow up with this sort of idea that history class is boring. i've been thinking a lot lately about how it's not that history class is boring, it's that it's not appropriate for children. how do we tell the truth when to tell the truth about our history is so horrifically traumatizing that we can't even look at it. how do we tell our children that the land they live on is stolen land and that the people who lived here before us were forcibly removed, raped and murdered? and that that is why they are able to live here today?

  • Pauline Laurent

    Where can I view this film?

  • Debbie

    This looks wonderful. Where can I view this? I don't see where it will or was aired.

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  • Learn more about the film. In Canada, you may see the full film here. Outside of Canada, you may see it here.
  • Listen to this podcast by professor of environmental studies Dr. Jennifer Atkinson as she discusses climate grief and why being hopeful is "a political act."
  • Here are ten things you can do to help stop climate change. Take some small steps, like eating less meat, growing a garden, and walking more. 

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