Earth is our mother and when she suffers, we all suffer. Jennifer Abbott's climate change documentary "The Magnitude of All Things" helps us to see grief on a personal and global scale. When her sister died from cancer, Abbott's sorrow opened her up to the grief that is being experienced on a global level by people who are already losing their homes and lives due to climate change. The film is a reminder that together we can find our way to a better way of living if we open our eyes and challenge ourselves to live more simply each day.


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  • Learn here about the top ten things you can do to stop climate change. 
  • Listen to this podcast by professor of environmental studies Dr. Jennifer Atkinson as she discusses climate grief and why being hopeful is "a political act."
  • Think of 3 steps you can take today to live more simply so that Earth can heal herself.  Small steps like eating less meat, growing a garden, and walking more often make a difference if we all work together.

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