Waiting to board a train, an old lady just wants to eat her cookies in peace, but hijinks ensue when a teenager on the bench next to her seems intent on sharing them, too. This delightful animation was directed by Andrew Cadelago, with music by Roberto Murguia.


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  • Gloria

    Wonderful example of how often things are not at all as they may seem. We are all subject to errors in thinking all the time. Pretty certain that most of us observing this were thinking the same as the old woman, that the teenager was acting entitled and taking what he wanted, without concerns. There is often much more to the story than what meets the eye. Taking a step back, asking questions, considering all options, is always appropriate. Made me laugh and wonder how many times I have mis-judged someone or a situation. Great reminder of the need to be fully mindful every minute.

  • Sergio

    I was inspired by the sense of remorse in the old woman and the little smile she gave the young man at the end. Not easy to confront our own faults!

  • Patricia S. Brown

    wicked engaging life definition of assumption!

  • Natacha

    Awwww I LOVED it! Assumptions cause a lot of suffering. What a beautiful lesson. Loved loved loved it

  • Sue

    How sweet....a lesson in humility!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    So wonderful! I've heard this story told to SEE if in this delightful animation, even more delightful. Aw yes, what if we pause for a moment to check and see what is Really happening in front of us <3 Love it!

  • Kunzang J Roesler

    I KNOW that anger. It blinds us. It was wonderful to see "MY" anger depicted in that woman. Just wonderful. And how uplifting that the young man patiently related to her, even though he knew the cookies were his. Sure hope he runs for the US senate!

  • Mary Beth

    This is the exact same plot as a 1989 Academy award winning short film "The Lunch Date." I'm surprised it was not mentioned in the credits.

  • Nancy S Harvey

    What a beautiful reminder that things are not what they seem. That young man fills my heart with hope. ~<3

  • Kelly Morris

    Before you get mad and overreact, take a “beat” and think the situation through! Once you get angry you don’t think clearly or rationally and can make huge mistakes.

  • Elcid Joseph


  • LaMadre

    I am a bit disappointed with myself for judging this young man without knowing the entire story. Then, I felt like the lady did - anxious and a little sad with myself, but I was hoping she'd get off the train and make things right by explaining to him how she confused his treat as hers...even if it meant waiting an hour or two for the next train.

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