Barb Abelhauser worked in an office for 14 years. Then one day she quit, and decided to become a bridgetender on the Ortega River Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida. She planned to work there for a year. Eight years later, she shares the moments of beauty and intimacy of her job, and why she decided to stay.


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  • Nitul Ojha

    The sheer joy of watching the life on the bridge through the eyes of Barb. And the riches of being able to see the water and the sun everyday is beyond compare. It is inspiring me. How can I become a "bridgetender"?

  • Marybeth Ribar

    Realization and reminder to be in the moments of each day, look and see and enjoy the view wherever I am; and smile at all whom I meet. thanks!

  • Marta

    The fact that she chose to do this and it was just what she (and the bridge) needed. Was a great fit so it stuck. Barb was right to find this position. She listened to her inner voice. Reminds me of the importance of listening to ones inner voice to live an inspired existance.

  • Bill M

    Gee - actually mada me weep!

  • Mitch D.

    Her joy in finding a deep connection to the universe, which we all need, without religion to tell us how to do it.

  • Colleen Flanagan

    We choose our view of the world around us. I need to take time to look and decide if this is where I can be spiritually fed.

  • Marlana

    I loved this video! It was so inspiring and carried a beautiful lesson about what really matters in our lives. A great reminder how we should be spending our days!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What I took away was the slowing down, appreciating and noticing <3

  • Cindy

    Lovely graphics. Beautiful lesson. Thankyou.

  • Nilesh Thali

    the sheer courage to say, "forget the high paying job in the city, I want to experience life a different way".

  • Daniel Francis

    Wonderful.... gators and anglers and seasons, oh my! Loved her "point of view". I also love the idea of a tender of bridges. Better than builders of walls. Thanks, Barb!

  • Joellen

    Doing what you love matters more. Great reminder!!

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