Freedom University is an award-winning, modern-day freedom school for undocumented students who are banned from equal access to public higher education in Georgia. With the aim of “ending modern segregation in higher education” – and of a future where undocumented and documented students can learn in the same classrooms – Freedom University provides tuition-free college preparation classes, college and scholarship application assistance for students seeking higher education opportunities in private universities or outside Georgia, and social movement leadership development for undocumented students.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for bringing undocumented humanity to light, more people need to know these real life experiences. I wish more people understood how incredibly complex it is to try to become documented in this country. Thank you for not only creating a higher education possibility, also sharing the reality faced by so many and hope.

  • Barbara

    It shows so clearly how we can all be more. Very moving and inspiring. x

  • gloria J wright

    This video gives a face and a voice to the undocumented students who are the hidden victims of our immigration crisis. They are beautiful and intelligent human beings who are being treated so unfairly and inhumanely. I am so happy to learn of Freedom University! It gives me great joy to know that this exists to let Freedom Ring!

  • Ken Elkind

    Enlightening these students to our true purpose: Be One! No longer an esoteric Zen phrase, technology has made possible The One to Be: believed in, broadcast globally, and will unite us as foreseen! www, currently provides clips of The One, soon to Be streaming 24/7!!

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  • Find out more about Freedom University and their work to fulfill the human right to education for undocumented youth in the state of Georgia.
  • Learn about the history of freedom schools in the United States in this lesson from Civil Rights Teaching.
  • Listen to a worldwide video call with Dr. Laura Emiko Soltis, Executive Director of Freedom University.

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