Amanda Gorman has achieved many firsts, including being the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate in the United States at age 19. On January 20, 2021, the 22-year-old Gorman read at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. What follows here is a video of her reciting "The Miracle of Morning," a poem written several years ago "when hurricanes, hate crimes, and deportations were some of the many crises in our headlines." The poem now re-emerges during a pandemic, each line filled with words of hope for a golden morning.


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  • Shane

    Thank you for bringing up a great message!

  • Shelly

    This amazingly gifted Amanda Gorman reassures me that we haven't totally failed our young people. She is a blessing. . .

  • Ajall

    She embodies power based in love ! Thank you Amanda .

  • Pat

    Amanda reminds us of our strengths. She is so full of joy and wisdom.

  • Bonnie jo Eldredge

    She connects the words to each other, but her reading of her words makes them live.

  • Marge

    Bent but not broken. God, I pray this is so … Linda

  • bigmamalu

    Her ability to bring hope to our lives in a meaningful way.


    It's relevance for today's world full Hate and Evil

  • sj watts

    Her articulation is an exquisite pleasure, the words themselves rich and evocative. I wonder why it was felt necessary to insert music? It was superfluous and added nothing.

  • Kathleen P. Geagan

    Amanda Gorman is a despair dispeller.

  • Teresa Dunwell Living Works Studio

    Many thanks of gratitude and deep appreciation for this venue of truth and light. Amanda's strong and passionate voice speaks to my heart. To this time of change and renewal and the power and the strength to create this together is inspirational in this video. I liked the long pauses as there was more time for integration and feeling to arise. This video truly speaks to us rising up and becoming the force of love and change in the world that we are meant to be!!!

  • Delfina Piretti

    She embodies power based in love ! Thank you Amanda. Where was this fined?

  • Liz

    Thank you for sharing this powerful poem by Amanda. She's full of passion; channeling thru poetry truth, kindness, love, freedom and the heaviness of chains pulling us away from them...yet she has reminded us with a powerful tone in her voice "it's up to us" to break the chains!

  • robin

    The poet herself was/is inspiring. The music is very distracting. She has the most beautiful voice.

  • Mary Ann Ronan

    The depth of passion and understanding of our time. So grateful..

  • Faith Wilder

    Not just her obvious talent - but that she has found her voice so young..... Imagine the poems she has yet to speak

  • Skidism

    me when the also and the me too

  • Patricia

    Her voice and beautiful enunciation of words and clear thinking inspires me about her and about her generation. She appears unafraid and assertive without drama. She seems to value love and unity in life with others. Amanda Gorman inspires me to speak aloud what is in my heart.

  • Candace Clemens

    A friend sent it to me. I thought it was the same poem as the inauguration. But this was even more beautiful.

  • Meredith

    The poem she wrote and read for the inauguration was so good for the times and for the new President. This is just as inspirational and full of hope as that. Very talented young woman!

  • Cynthia Lehman

    This young woman brings her whole self to her work and is a model for all of us and especially young girls and boys. She is filled with love that emanates from her as she speaks. As one commentator remarked after the inauguration, black women are amazing and are bringing it and she is right.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Incredibly wise insights delivered in a phenomenally powerful poem by a force to be reckoned with. ♡

  • Hara Harding

    I am inspired by her positivity, her sanity and her wisdom! I hope she gets published soon, if she isn't already. I would like to support her if I can somehow.

  • Cathy Cole< USA

    She represents the power of a youth voice for the future of our country

  • Piera italy

    Believe in a brighter future thanks to beautiful inspired young people

  • Lisa

    The hope that I needed. Thank you, Amanda. Thank you for your brilliance.

  • Heather

    This beautiful young woman is amazing. I watched her live reading at the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this morning and I am so hopeful for the globe!!! I'm getting teary as I write this and I am not an American. I live in Canada.

  • pat

    powerful and full of hope! WOW!!!

  • Debora Murray

    What a beautiful woman to bring this message of hope to our nation today. Thankful for her presentation and words today.

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  • Watch or read Amanda Gorman's powerful inaugural poem "The Hill We Climb." 
  • Learn about two of the organizations Amanda Gorman works with to uplift literacy and youth activism: 826 National and Amplifier.
  • What miracle are you participating in this wonderful morning?

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