The Well of Being is an exquisite 'children's book for adults,' one that encompasses the journey of life from the Big Bang, to this very moment that we find (or lose) ourselves in.  Jean-Pierre Weill spent three years writing and illustrating this book about himself-- and perhaps everyone. Playful and profound in its approach to the human condition, Weill's words and whimsical drawings reveal the multiple ways in which we create narratives about ourselves and the world, and then proceed to confine ourselves within them. Why live in the cramped quarters of anxious self-doubt and unsettled expectation when there is a way out? All it takes is remembering. Remembering that we are already possessed of that which we seek, and that within us lies the unstinting well -- of being. Watch and be enchanted by this gorgeous animated version of Weill's timeless book.


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  • Ruta

    What a masterpiece this is...what a profound reflection on life, on being, on wonderfully depicted through images and words carefully chosen! I can't find words to describe aptly the beauty and the depth of this creation. Feeling deeply grateful to have received this gift..lots of gratitude and blessings to Jean-Pierre Weill and everyone who made this video together! Thank you!!

  • Nitul Ojha

    A roller coaster of emotions! Sadness to what has come to pass. The joy and exuberance of reminiscence - from where we came and what can be. A tapestry of life. A visual treasure from the Well of Being!

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