Change means movement. If you want change you have to disrupt something. See how one skateboarding park in a rural Indian village rippled out into changes in gender restrictions, caste restrictions and poverty restrictions through the voices of Ulrike Reinhard, the founder of the skateboarding park, and Asha Gond, a young member of the tribal community in the village of Janwaar.


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  • Aisha

    I just watched the Skater Girl movie on Netflix and my usual after movie research led me here* it is amazing to see skating having such a tremendous impact on Life in a Community and young Girls being able to be just that* young girls, not Wives or House slaves to some man 3 times a old as them more of this needs fixing .. this is a start... Also TO SEE CAPTIONS CLICK ON THEYOU TUBE ICON LET IT TAKE YOU TO YOU TUBE & TUEN ON CAPTIONS IN YOU TUBE. Hope this helps. Stay strong.

  • yogesh Tiwari

    powerfull, I am also from madhaya pradesh i have never thought this can be possible . i am inspired now. this is insane cant believe it this is happening ,change is happning i am so happy hope i can meet ishley one day.

  • Nitul Ojha

    Play .. what magic this word holds. Children need to reclaim their childhood, their wellspring of joy. Maybe that is one way towards a sustainable planet!

  • Barbara

    How powerful: the concept; the park; the changes; Asha's words. It is so refreshing to learn of people willing to help create opportunities for change for those who might find it most difficult. Wonderful video. x

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to the power of building the park "as open as possible" so it was accessible and then also incorporating a few rules like school to be able to skate. To bust open barriers through the use of a skateboard! As a former skater in college back in the mid 80's, skating gave me confidence, I love how you are building not only confidence, yo are also instilling empowerment on so many levels! Thank you for sharing! Just like Skatistan inspired, this does too!

  • Nants

    The opening up of people's minds & the blossoming of Asha Gond

  • Sharon

    I had no idea! Skateboarding? Really? I now have a totally different perspective. If you want change, shake things up. This is also the natural way of adolescents, so why not try to channel it into something positive.

  • Patrick Watters

    Breaking down walls, barriers to human freedom, often requires simple yet profound vision.

  • Mary Jo

    What inspired you about this video? The video visually is wonderful, and Asha Gond is very well-spoken. But I could not access the captions for the deaf to be able to fully participate in appreciating the message of anyone else.

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  • Delve deeper into the skate park Janwaar Castle Ulrike Reinhard created in rural India.
  • Watch the TEDX talk where Ulrike Reinhard answers the question "How many skateboards does it take to solve a problem?
  • Where might you be able to create the movement of change and disrupt the status quo in your own community? How might you channel the energy of rebellion in a positive direction?

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