A disorder caused by a medical treatment for malaria, a too-common affliction for children in Uganda, can lead to constant pain and a debilitating handicap for the children who receive this treatment. Ugandan medical professionals have developed a successful surgical remedy that, along with physical therapy, greatly improves the children's quality of life. With support from a team of medical colleagues from Canada and the United States, the Ugandan health care team successfully provide life changing surgery for 112 children whose joyful smiles post surgery speak to the life giving nature of this intervention.


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  • Susan Cohen

    The kindness and caring of the 2 MD's who recognized this problem and then raised $ to give the children surgeries . Touched my heart immensely and has encouraged me to reach out and help in my own community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this website!!!

  • Wiltshire

    Excellent initiative. Would like to hear more about measures to avoid the problem since it is clear that quinine injection in the children's buttocks appears to be at the root.

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