We have all lost someone we love and wondered how our lives could go on without them--without their touch, their encouragement and their wisdom. In this song, composer Ysaye Barnwell gives voice to our deepest longings to remember our departed loved ones and to find the strength to carry their deepest lessons into our lives now. "Songs have intention in themselves but when we sing together, we define who we are," says Ysaye Barnwell, who is also a professor, an activist and a 30 year member of Sweet Honey in the Rock vocal ensemble. Her love of music has brought a diversity of people together to sing with the voice of community and helped them find the power to work for healing and social change in the world.


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  • Sandy

    The beautiful music, the inspiring words, the grateful remembering of many I have lost that I miss so, most specifically my maternal Grandmother Jenny. She was a poet, and a light for so many. I miss her so. This song sums it wonderfully. Once again, Sweet Honey in the Rock comes thru. Thank you, and hope it was happy, Yasaye Barnwell!

  • Laurel

    The music of sweet pure love blessing us all💜

  • Rae Jean

    goosebumps from the first note. wonderful to see all the variety and beauty.

  • nancy

    So many people singing from their hearts and gradually increasing their heart knowing as the song continues.

  • Bev Cuevas

    This song speaks to the soul. It is so rich with how we should cherish memories of our loved ones and each other. Thank you for this sharing.

  • MaryAnne Caleo

    It is tearfully beautiful, hauntingly true and so easy to join in.

  • Wilhelmenia Oakley

    The song, voices and the diversity.

  • Kathryn

    Oh, such sweetness! In the words, melody, and memories. I remember seeing Sweet Honey and the Rock sing this in 1975 at The Toronto Folk Festival. Such a gift.

  • mary schmitt

    What a beautiful diversity of people, places, movements, music, and utter JOY on people's faces. Thank you so much for bring LIGHT to our world.

  • Celeste

    Just simply lovely.

  • Sherry Cormier

    A fabulous way to honor and remember our beloveds who still live in our hearts, minds, and souls. Thank you for this incredible project.

  • Barbara

    So beautiful, so engaging and so poignant. Thank you. x

  • Diana Turner-Forte

    All the different faces, bodies and voices moving in unison. That was beautiful!

  • Jane Jackson

    I was especially moved by the evolution of the music and the rhythms of the movements to the realization that the loved one who is no longer physically present is indeed still with us. Rather than sadness, this beautiful music left me with a great gratefulness for having those loved ones in my life, then and now.

  • Linda Sechrist

    What a beautiful song with such poignant lyrics. It reminded me of my Mother and her mother whose physical presences are no longer with us. But their Spirit is still felt.

  • Laura Parrino

    I am awed at the beauty of the creativity channeling so much love and joy. Thank you!

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