This delightfully animated poem by Julie Flanders urges you to "construct an orchestra of belief in your head," thereby getting rid of the doubts that can eat your dreams. Do not let them in, do not let them play, because doubts will take over your mind as they linger, and never go away. Doubts serve as clouds blocking the sunshine that leads to happiness and joy.


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  • Clare

    This animated poem is brilliant - and so true. I will endeavor to think of this whenever the dreaded doubts appear. Thank you, Julie !

  • Lisa

    Love this! Love the poetry, love the message, love the visualization, love the reader! So excited to have come across something like this.

  • Jeanne Dee

    I find supreme value in a soothing voice assuring me that the doubts I hear in my head (which “sound like me”) are in fact a very powerful and destructive force that I can and should be aware of. Knowing what their intentions are and just how powerful doubts can be is imperative to overcoming them. I do not find this to be a dark message at all. I find it to be an empowering and uplifting one. And to speak on the animation… I find the “cute little monster” depiction of the doubts to be a perfect abstraction. We so often believe doubts to be harmless, even honest, thoughts and reflections. But they are not. For the artists here to choose to cartoon them as they did is very on-point for me as a viewer.

  • Jen Mack

    Really insightful and I love the drive throughout to be positive and overcome and squash that doubt

  • Celeste Champagne

    Sent by friend on FB. Wonderful and right what was needed.

  • Dee

    Love the message and the whole production. Julie has a lovely voice - very soothing. Thank you!

  • Amy

    Very cool! We can overcome our doubts!

  • Virginia

    I loved it, so creative and good for people of all ages and I know quite a few friends who can use this beautifully done video to help them get rid of their constant doubts.

  • Lily

    The best way to deal with doubt is to observe them, and if they do not have validity, let them pass by you. So much streams past us - only bring close to you that which vibrates for you. Lovely sentiment. Thank you.

  • CW

    Buddhist would say to welcome your doubt....sit with them. Let them have a tantrum while keeping your heart open to the dharma: connections.

  • Anita

    Everything inspired me! love the message and wonderful animation THANK YOU!

  • Juli Roberts

    I loved it, I am going to forward it to someone that will benefit big time. Thank you

  • Cheryl

    Well made and intentioned. But for me - altho ‘sun came out’ briefly, it was rapidly eclipsed by (yet more) vivid images of DOUBTS and negative affirmations. Solution: Shut eyes and forget them. When I shut my eyes right now, I am still seeing cute little cartoon monsters up to their pernicious tricks, whilst a persuasive voice affirms their everlasting invincibility and power to destroy me. Hmmm. Nah!😀

  • Elena

    Loving and insightful, beautifully narrated and wonderfully animated. Made my day!

  • Eileen

    Unfortunately this was more depressing than inspiring

  • John Shinavier

    Nicely done.

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