Being a home weaver is a revolutionary act. Jessica Green shares her life as a weaver, "remembering the importance and sacredness of cloth"; and as a homesteading anti-capitalist entrepreneur. “Being a weaver and a homesteader,” Green says, “is a lifestyle that’s based both in remembering and trailblazing.” Follow her as she takes wool from sheep to woven cloth and explains her choices to "live with the yoke of that responsibility and help other people joyously carry that yoke".


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  • Naresh Kumar Rai

    It is fulfilling in every respect

  • Carol Frechette

    Complete and total inspiration!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Inspired by their following their dream & their integrity. Curious how they balance being entrepreneurs in a still capitalist culture/society. Would love to hear more about that. Grateful they included the piece about the dying sheep/lambs so we have a glimpse of the struggles along with the beauty & grace.

  • Terryl

    All so familiar, homesteader in the ‘60’s, still part of my way of life, even tho I am now in the city. Weave regularly but my looms are much fewer and smaller now. Great life.

  • Joseph Jastrab

    Such an inspiring and simply, warmly, beautiful film. I appreciate Jessica's weaving together the two threads of "Remembering" and Trail Blazing". A universal teaching, thank you.

  • Kathryn Seidler

    I used to spin and weave, and had a dream of being a homesteader much like this couple. Now I am getting ready to retire, and still want to live the way they do, though I have not been. I appreciate her dedication to homesteading and weaving with natural ties. She is an inspiration.

  • Kate E Thomas

    Such a powerful narrative - their life seems so peaceful yet so full of energy - they must work hard every day in order to maintain this homesteading life, but they are at peace with that decision...their art comes from such self-knowledge - it is not a simple life but it is all authentic - I think this pandemic has given us a glimpse of what could happen if we needed to go back to the land to live

  • Nannette McDonald

    What a beautiful video and beautiful music. Good Luck to this is a hard life - but oh so fulfilling. They are living a true and authentic life.

  • Nisha Halai

    The video warmed my heart back to Hope in human beings keeping the natural ways alive, whilst meeting the future of altruistic and respectful living. Thank you Jeremy Seifert and team for making the video and thank you to the couple who weave, and KarmaTube for bringing it through to the world. I’m a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor using natural watercolours and clay to bring the two poles of Life together. Seeing others doing this too, feels nourishing at this time of great change.

  • Rushit Dubal

    As a human species, being part of the nature, we can do something that is deeply connected to the world and at the same time give us sustainable and fulfilling living.

  • Ann Krizer

    How can one purchase Jessica's woven cloths? Catalogue? Address?

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