As we all know but often hesitate to share with others, life can be hard at times. Without community and support, it is even harder. This film highlights the lessons of living with resilience by relying on inner strength held up by the support of community. Mpumelelo Ncwadi from South Africa lives from this wisdom which was passed on by his father who taught him that "You should never live your internal life based on the outward appearances of your neighbors." Struggle may be part of the journey but when we lean on each other we can not only survive but thrive through the challenges that life brings.


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  • Ed Bronson

    A very wise attunded person that I know said, as CV was intensifying, "it's a huge prayer". Thank you Mpumelelo for underscoring this.

  • Roselie

    As we rise from Covid, we must embrace others to enrich our new life journey. We are all in this new world order together.

  • Caren

    “To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together” 💗

  • Kelly Frizen

    Out of ashes comes new life. Great reminder for situations that feel devastating. Thank you.

  • Jamee Schleifer

    “If you can rise, bring somebody with you.”


    Truly expressed. We don't exist in isolation. Covid has proved that it is essential to be together. In India we have witnessed the youth and NGOs working together. Each one reaching out to help others is an amazing experience. Covid has taught us a lesson to be mindful of others and not to exploit Nature.

  • Philo Thomas

    It is a very timely reflections to cope with the situation today. A call to return to the origin of our Nature. One can't go ahead alone unless with all others.

  • Jo West

    such a great reminder of why we are here in this time and now! Thank you! I also loved the Life of Pi!

  • Tizz O'Toole

    This was timely. I'm very grateful for this video today. These two nuggets especially spoke to me. "Petit Seminaire school An arch has the school's motto painted on it: 'Nil magnum nisi bonum.' No greatness without goodness." -Yann Martel: Life of Pi "This work is not for yourself. Kill that spirit of self. If you can rise, bring somebody with you." -Mam'u Charlotte Maxeke Thank you Mpumelelo Ncwadi and family and Karmatube. ♥.

  • Merlin

    Lovely video! It came from a pure space - heart. It showed even from bad/unfortunate experience something good can arise. Also, the importance of community and sharing for greater goodness all around!

  • Cindy

    "If you can rise, bring somebody with you." That says it all. Beautiful.

  • Amit

    I lost count of how many nuggets of wisdom were in this short video. Mpumelelo's words are genuine, come from his lived experience, and the gentle manner in which he shares stirs the mind and the soul. Thank you KarmaTube Team for sharing this!

  • Catherine

    I felt Mpumelelo Ncwadi embodied the truth of what he shared about living with resilience and the support of his community. It inspires me and makes me feel hopeful in these uncertain times.

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  • Learn the science goodness, and how doing good deeds to support others can truly make your own life better.
  • Recall and share with another person a time in your life that you overcame a challenge with the support of family, friends, nature, and your inner spiritual connection. 

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