The ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest are home to giant old-growth trees, and many secrets, which science is just beginning to understand. These forests are our best climate change allies, storing huge amounts of carbon and retaining water, protecting communities from droughts, floods, and wildfires. But these forests are at risk of disappearing. In British Columbia on First Nations territory, a small band of forest defenders are risking life and liberty to protect some of the last remaining ancient forests.


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  • RonaldL Vaught

    Cutting down some trees a few years before they fall or before there no longer useful human use is one thing but too clear cut is just irresponsible.Clearing for firebreaks is OK. we ought never clear cut we must leave a good portion loggers ought to hire selectors who look & mark trees that are viable nearing the end of life cycle for cutting only. Then theres always alternatives to wood in products, like bamboo,spliping bamboo into peaces then reforming like compost with some from potatoes like plastic or hemp combo to form 2X4

  • s.p

    This is really good media . Not too fast, not too short, not too long. Helpful. Keep it up

  • Art Roth

    What inspired you about this video? Inspired by the seeming lonely and selfless commitment and action these tree defenders are putting forth on behalf of people the world over.

  • Greg Varney

    My lifetime respect for and love of the beauty nature provides us.

  • sandi

    Ditto. It won't play.

  • Janis

    It won’t play

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Sad the depth of havoc blind greed continues to wreak. Seeing the devastation brought tears. Clear cut logging and logging of these ancient trees is not only wrong, it's not sustainable and it damages regions permanently. I am continually stunned by the short sightedness of those running these large companies; that they cannot see they are damaging their own future. Yet here we are. :( Grateful to those standing with the old growth forest and lending protection.

  • peace baxter

    I am so grateful to these brave people trying to protect and save this extraordinary forest. What is wrong with us that greed overrides wisdom and concern for the trees who do more for us than we can imagine. It is heartbreaking. I pray for the safety of the protesters and the trees.

  • Grace Smith

    Unfortunately I was not inspired - just horrified that these forests are being exploited for the selfish needs of humankind

  • Ruud West

    Such a great beaauty and intelligence of nature. And sadly many don't have the perception and open mind to see that trees and ecosystems are beings that we coexist with. This people blinded by there highest value which is greed. That ignorence may hit back sometime by the powers of nature. I honor the ones that are standing strong with the forrest.

  • Elizabeth

    It isn’t working, the link must be broken.

  • Poke

    It won’t play, hard to get inspired.

  • Susan

    People honoring the life of trees and tree's life-giving capacities with their own time, attention, and threat of arrest. What gives any commercial venture the right to TAKE these long standing biodiverse beings? This practice of logging must be declared obsolete.

  • Kate Harling

    I tried to watch the video but a pop up told me to choose between allowing facebook to record my preference or not. When I said not, the video quit!!!

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