Musicians from around the world come together in song to speak up for equality and social justice. Whether they are performing from backyards, city street corners, by the oceanside, or in a park, they all give voice to the rights of people everywhere to live in freedom, dignity and peace. "If you feel it, through the music, we can make this world a better place."


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  • Pat

    I feel hope.

  • ani

    The enthusiasm, joy and skills required to create this video are wonderful...thankyou all!!

  • deanna

    upbeat, meaningful, artistic, alive with energy.


    As a Colorado singer/songwriter I want to share my songs of LOVE with the world! Love and music heals one heart to one heart.!

  • Martha Austin

    The purpose, the dedication, and the music!

  • Lin

    My head, heart, body & soul join in for MORE of the music and UNDERSTANDING !

  • Jeraldine

    Beautiful. What a great play into the weekend and beyond.

  • Joe

    How beautiful everyone is, letting go and sharing their joy in the music.

  • sippi

    The question at the end of the video asks How to make this world a better place? They said it soooo well: FREEDOM. Freedom to make our own decisions concerning our own individual health, freedom to travel, to congregate, to experience life to the fullest without mandates, surveillance, and unconscionable censorship. Music is not even available to all right now. How do we escape the grip of encroaching tyranny? Keep music in our hearts.

  • Duke skaff

    We are truly one world, one people. Music crosses borders and allows us to sing the joy of what we wish for ourselves and our family of beings across the globe. The rhythm shouts for the harmony of more voices to be heard to make our world a better place, a place where there is support for dignity and peace and freedom for our family everywhere.

  • David Feldman

    everything inspired me - the rhythms, the people, the diversity - everything. I play and sing myself so I just joined in!! thanks..

  • Tiffany Schettle

    Love ๐Ÿ’—

  • Joe

    The pure joy that shines through the music and all of the performers and people in the video makes you smile and hopeful that we can, indeed, make this world a better place!

  • Hugh

    I love Playing for Change which I discovered on Youtube some time ago. The songs chosen and the participation by so many around the world is really inspiring. Citizens of the World Unite! When one thinks about it for a minute, we are born wherever our parents are and our citizenship is granted based on that fact. So a person born just a mile away may not enjoy the same rights etc. Or be able to cross that line just based on the accident of their birth. The leaders of our Nation/State system insist that this is how it should be, but they all seem to be able to move money and goods for the most part freely. But the people are stuck in their place of birth. Seems odd and makes one wonder what things would be like if we weren't so territorial as enforced by the powers that be.

  • 147 Ronald

    Its was a great mix of diversity it says the world can & does unite but then again the world does unite every day & Night in every time measurements in the usual faithful in every religion in even in no religion.

  • Myrtle

    Perfect example of music bringing people together!!

  • 147

    noofing n0t one thing inspired me of this video, Y i didn't watch it yet, but when i do i let you know. i just wanted to say something negative about it to stall evl.

  • Sara

    Beautiful! Inspiring! Thank you! โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

  • Barb

    So very wonderful!! We need more of this! Just posted this to fb! Thank you!!

  • Bill

    Joy in creating while connecting with others around the globe.

  • Margaret Thompson

    It would be fun to have a conversation on this forum about what each person thinks, in very concrete terms, no matter how big or small, what it would take to make this world a better place. Every time I am in a store where employees wear a name tag, I make a point of referring to the person serving me by name. It almost always evokes a smile. Yesterday the clerk in the grocery store where I was shopping said that hardly anybody refers to her name.

  • Briar

    Makes me smile and gives me chills,thank you for the joy

  • Brian FRANK

    after listening for a few minutes you begin to believe it is actually possible!

  • Leslie Schwarz

    I saw ๐Ÿ‘€ Playing for Change in Boston, it was astounding! I wondered if the old gentleman who was a founding member, had passed away. . He was so amazing, as were all. He was from New Orleans. I BELIEVE!

  • Joyce

    The beauty of the playing and singing and the happiness in everyone's face - so joyful. Thank you for sharing

  • Carol

    We can make this world a better place

  • Joanna A Piasio

    freedom to sing!

  • Lisa Riordan

    Got chills listening and watching. It was awesome to see people around the world playing together in harmony.

  • Rae Jean Blaschka

    the joy

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  • Reimagine a world connected by music with the Playing for Change Band. 
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