Danielson Okeyo of Cape Town, South Africa, saw himself as something of a Superman because of his physical abilities. A series of injuries made him question who he was when he was no longer defined by what he could do. Okeyo takes us along on his journey to connect with the healing power of nature by befriending the ocean. In the process he realizes that nature accepts us as who we are. As he opens to this acceptance he is able to let in the love and care of those around him, as he finds freedom and a sense of peace with who he is now.


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  • Tom Bassarear

    I just received news yesterday that my body is healing well from the aortic dissection I had a year ago. I can now "get on with my life." For the last year my fatigue has been almost disabling. I am just beginning to realize how much of my identify was wrapped up in doing, doing, doing. Like Danielson I have been given a chance to move beyond what I was. A beautiful and powerful video, so timely for me. For Danielson it was the ocean. For me it has been the nearby river path and forest which I have walked almost every day. Much gratitude to those who made this film.

  • Ilene Beninson

    You/we are loved. You/we are blessed. You/we are enough.

  • Lisa Rogers

    So beautifully filmed and articulated. This journey on self acceptance while aging is a difficult one.

  • Diana Turner-Forte

    What a testimony to the power of nature to heal and to hold our vulnerabilities. This was beautifully captured.

  • Margaret Thompson

    Nature is indeed the great teacher as long as we "attend her classes". The ocean offered Danielson its loving embrace and one which he was open to receiving. I think that it was a necessary step in his being able to accept human support. He learned that by giving of himself he received the abundance of love and acceptance offered to him. A beautiful reminder to all of us who cling to preconceptions of ourselves.

  • Linda Sechrist

    So beautifully articulated. The images and words were like a beautiful poem that sinks deep into the psyche and leaves a fingerprint on the heart. I am, you are, we are enough.

  • Shamla Ramasamy

    Yes. I too think I can handle everything by myself. But, you're right, I am not a superwoman. I am just me and that is who I meant to be :) Thank you for sharing this Danielson.

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