Poet and philosopher David Whyte reads his poem The Truelove. Through this reading we see how our own beliefs about what we think we deserve can limit us, and how daring to broaden our sense of what is possible can liberate us beyond what we can even imagine. It takes faith to acknowledge possibilities, to say yes to life and to love, to give ourselves permission to experience happiness.


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  • David

    That's David, not Peter, though Peter is a nice name too.

  • Portlin

    The tone and faith, of course, but aslo the repeats. So beautifully read. Thank you, Peter

  • Elena Marie

    Ah… thank you with such divine affirmation of true love..having known and held the hand, slipped away as it has in death but the warmth and knowing remains… and now the bitter timeliness, having to say “no, you’re not”to someone else…

  • Margaret Thompson

    The level of knowing and absolute certainty must be breathtaking.

  • maureen piper

    I am inspired by D. Whyte's voice, diction, repeat delivery of line and inflection. And I find his entry into the myth of walking on water and living, dying, change and LOVING is entered as a reality shared, however humble or expert we become on our path.

  • Kathleen

    Such meaningful words and here for us to hear at a perfect time - on the almost eve of New Years 2022. Thank you David Whyte...Thank you Karma Tube.

  • Patrick Watters

    Thank you David (and Service Space too of course) for this gifting us into a new year, and very different season and era.

  • samantha hopkins

    The way he changed his voice to depict the different scenes and to hope everyone who needs it finds that hand .I myself took that hand

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  • Consider how your own beliefs about what is possible for you  have placed limitations on your ability to say yes to life and love. Give yourself permission to open to new possibilities. 

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