We are surrounded by the stuff that we think is so valuable and important, but take it all away and what is left? The real you is left. Or at least the journey to the real you without all the stuff that you think defines you. In this video, Theo Du Plessis of South Africa, had a "Damascus moment" that opened him up to the only question he asks himself now before acquiring possessions or pursuing experiences: is it REAL? If it is real then it is worth having in his life. Theo's life is one of connection with himself and nature, and a force he calls Goodness which gives him hope and community in the spirit of Ubuntu - I am me because of others.


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  • sherrie

    "I believe in a power called goodness. I believe in the energy of Love" Is there anything more substantial than that?

  • Danusha

    "Most people keep their heart silent. It doesn't mean it's not there." Inspiring and beautifully produced.

  • Kay

    Love this guy and his life lessons!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    As a person who chose to sell her home & possessions and give away most of what was left to be able to create and facilitate a volunteer literacy project for 7 years in Belize, I deeply resonate with we are not our possessions. I also needed the reminder of Ubuntu, "I am because of others." Narrative Therapy Practices focus a lot on relationships: tracing the history of from whom we learned our skills and abilities, who helped us survive and be able to continue. I'm grateful for to Theo for bringing back to my heart the many ways we can choose to live simply and in closer communities with each other through kindness and generosity too. The pandemic shut down some of this in levels if fear (real and also my own anxiety). I'm slowly emerging and asking myself, "what life style is possible now?" I'm so desperate to reconnect face to face.♡ I do know my Narrative Practices work is in service to survivors of abuse seeing their full selves through the metaphors and art practices of Kintsugi, now I need to put it out here more.

  • Patricia Good

    I was inspired by his concept that we define ourselves by our “choices” not our possessions. Profound‼️🙏🏼

  • Diarmuid

    Is it real? I love that question. It is one I will ask of everything I consider giving my time to.

  • Ione Grover

    The simplicity and joy of it. I loved the donkeys.


    We are not defined by our circumstances, we are defined by our choices!

  • Elmarie Wohl

    Love did.

  • Jay

    OMG! This actually made me cry. I was captured by his joy of living, free from the chains of collection of things and his recognition of our interbeing. Thank you soooo much for sharing this. It’s timing is perfect as I find my courage to let go of things that I’ve allowed to define me. 🙌🏾😭🙏🏾

  • Les

    Changing from a human-being to being human............simple but not easy :-)

  • Lisa

    everything. this is it. thank you.

  • selma

    I have thought many times like that, still do. If everything is taken then who am I really. I have never been materialistic.

  • Dancer

    Beautiful expression of harmony, peace and love....what i think most of us really want in our experience on this planet.....especially as we mature and realize all the 'stuff' is not as important as we thought it was.

  • Moca Joe

    Some years ago, I, too, had a moment of insight that much of my material things felt like an albatross...so weighted down in maintaining them, possessing them. Actually, that moment was instigated by frustration. As I de-materialized, I felt a proverbial unweightening, a sense of liberation.....that was followed by the TRUE Ah Moment: How LITTLE I needed to be TRULY FULFILLED in my Life Journey. And, that liberation enabled me to focus on my Spiritual Journey. I haven't looked back. I only look forward.

  • ria

    Theo..are you my Soul Mate???? Beauty in ALL directions...and Within. We ARE the ones we've been waiting for. Blessings.

  • H.Carol Schmidt

    The cold, dark and snowy night I had to go out to fill my gas tank to save myself money. Great videos.

  • Nola

    A Simply Beautiful life indeed❣️Apparently real is deep beauty for Theo. I live similarly, but no domestic animals. My New England woods are filled with a plethora of creatures as is Still Waters Pond which is only feet away from my windows. Perhaps a dog would be something I could consider--I have loved many a Collie dog. But this video was for me an affirmation that others share what I live and love. And I love Theo's way of sharing his connection to the forces of love everywhere, yes, everywhere. I must not forget that as I feel the Earth's pain. Deep, heartfelt gratitude to Theo Du Plessis. I so wish he were my neighbor...but he is, non-geograpically. Blessed! N♥︎la

  • Patrick Watters

    Green Renaissance (the couple and their team) offer beautiful videos for earth and humanity. You can support their via Patreon.

  • Morningstar Santiago

    What inspired you about this video?This was such an inspiring video, and very true. I really want to live this way where know one is worried about status or where they fit in corp america.

  • Amma

    This is a beautiful invititation into love, presesence and friendship.

  • Morningstar Santiago

    This is so beautiful, he finally learned that his status does not define him. I love this

  • Carolyn K.

    I totally agree. I have chosen my simple life to own just what I need. As R. Steiner says “the essential from the non essential”. And practice the 6 basic exercises. Positivity, focus, control of our will, equanimity, non judgement, and practice all five together. I love helping others and sharing with those in need. The animals in my life and in the nature all around me are my best friends and share so much love and wisdom. My community is also very important to learn from each other and help each other through life. Thanks for posting this site

  • Pat Hardy

    I liked it, because I agree with so much of it...but I don't think we have to live in poverty to appreciate life. If we, as moderately wealthy people, share much of what we have to help others, we will all benefit. I won't need to grow my own food or live with a leaky roof to find happiness. I'll just have to remember to help where I can help, be grateful for what I have and keep my eyes open to the needs of others. Christ said words to this effect, "Whatever you do for the least of us, you do for Me." Dorothy Day said, very simply, "If you have two coats, give one away." So many great lessons in life, but we must practice what we say we believe, and that means keeping our eyes open and listening to our "heart."

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