Wake up to the ways the Earth cries out for our care. Ryan Amador and Alixa Garcia team up to show us both the hope and the destruction happening all around. Watch it all the way through without averting your gaze or closing your heart.


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  • Patricia

    Sadly, true reminder of how industry and we inhabitants have created the demise of the earth. I hope there are enough young and informed people to create and follow through with a path to our planet's recovery.

  • Penny

    The lyrics are so true. The whole video brought a range of emotions, from anger and despair to hope through future generations. Fear that the kids who could make a change won't, because of those who influence their lives. But mostly relief, knowing there are people out there that do care, and will do something.

  • Amelia

    My children and grand children are inheriting this nightmare because of " ignorance and greed" . Not a good feeling at all. Please share worldwide with people you know.

  • Kiran L

    Children standing up to save the planet.. Seeing how our ignorance and greed has costed and compromised so heavily on the Earth.

  • Judith

    Fabulous and convicting! Share widely, please!

  • Kawailana Mali'e

    The TRUTH as well as an excellent and creative presentation! Fantastic!! Should go global.

  • paul

    the photographic images and lyrics

  • Jane

    May we find a way to be worthy of the children.

  • Patrick Watters

    Heartbroken 💔

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  • Get to know the multi-talented Alixa Garcia.
  • Then meet her collaborator for "False Alarm," Ryan Amador.
  • Go outside and allow bewilderment for all Life to open you. Then do the next right thing you can to answer the call to protect it.

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