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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." ~Jacques Yves Cousteau. Roger Hanson, a retired school teacher and an ocean advocate, has always loved the sea. He was called to live near the ocean after a chance encounter with a whale many years ago. One day, while diving in Long Beach, California he happened upon a tiny species that seemed oddly out of place. He has since dedicated his life to protecting the habitat of the Pacific Seahorse, and he has come to be called the Seahorse Whisperer. 


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  • Brandy Gallagher

    Sooooo beautiful Kim! What a lovely connection and magical message..... Roger your heart for 'community' of these creatures and the parallels of humans is a gift :)

  • Nancy

    So grateful to Roger for trusting your love and knowings and for this film. I Lived in Long Beach for 15 years-walked the shore daily-had numerous mystical experiences inspired by Sea to do things. I now live in WMA.On my table is an aqua beaded 3' tall sea horse - I was inspired by them but until now did not know they were there! Once asked to see trash from the beach/ocean collected on the sand. Brought a friend when we opened our eyes-an 8 foot file pile had formed beside us! The gift: we saw our magic manifested. Told I will be returning soon after 15 years here. What joy!

  • Lorraine

    I long for this deep interconnection... the creatures and the vegetation here on this earth have so much to teach us. Thank you for sharing this lovely experience!

  • Robbin

    I long for a simpler time and the peace this man speaks about having found with the seahorses. How to live that life is my quest. How to walk the knife edge between the crazy, surreal, so-called 'real world' and the world of love, beauty, truth, nature and common sense that I believe I was designed for is the question.

  • Carolyn

    Insights that come from patience and mindfulness. Beautiful.

  • Karen

    What a touching story of curiosity, compassion and devotion. I live at the ocean where I have enjoyed many swims and sunsets. Roger has given me the motivation to explore the world below and become a better steward of its inhabitants.

  • Sidonie

    Beautiful! Thank you, Roger.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Roger's heartfelt message of lessons learned from the magical seahorse so simply shared & filmed reminds me that important messages can be delivered in very simple ways. And text also be such a gift. What a gift Roger has given and Kim through filming him & sharing his story. I'm also inspired by his following his calling. I needed that reminder again as I build courage to create a mobile recovery from trauma unit (a simple camper van) in which i will live and travel to share Narrative Therapy Practices with caregivers & survivors of trauma.

  • Zanny

    A beautiful example of a human who has expanded his consciousness to realize he is part of it all. Totally inspiring.

  • Mary

    This is a beautiful story of a person being educated by the sea and its inhabitants. The respect that has grown in Roger is amazing. We know so little about this vast world under the sea. To be able to communicate with these wonderful sea creatures must be a privilege. Thank you for this video.

  • AngelFish 27

    I am a Divemaster who finds her peace and inspiration in the ocean. I always look to life under water to teach me, to lead me, to love me as I love marine life. An ancient civilization that has much to inspire us land beings. If you listen and stay curious, you will grow. Thank you for this film ❤️ P.S. - only saw a seahorse once, hugging a branch in The Caribbean. Very exciting!

  • Angelie

    Thanks❤️ for sharing this beautiful experiences with gorgeous sea animals, as deeper thinking and watching their genuine behavior and social consciousness, I see the only species simply smart humble, curious and protective themselves and others where needed, grateful learning from them much 🌈

  • Sue

    This was lovely, although I was left really wanting to see more footage of the seahorses, and hear a bit more about how he protects their environment. Very beautiful story though!

  • Heather

    Roger's humility and deep respect for the creatures of the sea is very beautiful. His message is clear and inspiring.

  • mar

    I'm sure that you have seen the feature documentary from Australia about a man's relationship with an octupus. This piece shared similar themes. Each week I look forward to Karma Tube. It is a few minutes of beauty and respite from the horrors of war, climate change inaction and I'm sure you can fill in the rest. Thank you KT.

  • kim Holl

    I was first inspired by reading a newspaper article in the L.A. Times about the Seahorse Whisperer. And I knew that I had to catch Roger's story. so I packed up my film gear and headed south from Vancouver Island, Canada to southern California. It was awe-inspiring to catch Roger's story and to scuba with his Pacific Seahorses. An opportunity of a lifetime. Kim Holl,www.StoriesToldOnFilm.ca

  • M.S

    Indeed a very beautiful message with inspiring images to support it.

  • Tina

    I have been with the sea animals in Shaw's Cove. It is an inspiring place. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

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  • Become informed about ten organizations fighting to save our oceans
  • Learn about vulnerable species in your local environment and consider how you might be called to have a positive impact on their behalf. 

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