Scientists have various theories about what causes starlings to swarm and flock together as they fly in unison, but a final explanation still eludes researchers. Such aerial flights of hundreds or thousands of these birds in hypnotic displays of coordination and rhythm are called murmurations. Scientists are studying such behavior in nature to see how swarm theory can be applied to artificial intelligence and solve human problems. In birds, these groups may be eluding a hawk, gathering strength for upcoming migrations, working together to generate heat or responding to magnetic forces unseen to humans. Or perhaps a murmuration is something more--something that science can't explain simply in quantifiable terms. Maybe it is a dance to music that only the birds can hear or maybe it is play on a level that only birds can appreciate. Whatever a mumuration is, it is a joy for humans to witness and surely makes many wish that we too had wings to fly with such freedom.


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  • Julia

    I saw this on a smaller scale but still impressive, in a city park. Parts of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia PA are expansive enough to evoke murmuration. It was a joy to watch. Come to think of it, I’ve seen starlings burst from trees like an explosion of dark leaves. This too was amazing!

  • Nancy

    OMG! Such confirmation. Thank you so. Recently so many hundreds appeared on the green belt across from where I live. Feeling so hopeless/helpless. Starlings in chorus I AM a Starling said I could not see/hear us if not true: I am a messenger to dance to the music of me. Release past & pain be the Star and fly with other Starlings. No longer an ugly ducking- I am a Swan = in the swarm of accord and its music. Supported!

  • David Durovy

    If we humans could get along as well as these birds can, think of what we could accomplish…

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Mesmerizing, magical murmuration, sound like waves of an ocean ebb and flow. Such precision, attention to each other cooperation, harmony. We humans can learn much from this no matter the 'why'

  • David Matta

    That they do not collide with each other. A perfect coordination, harmony and spontaneity. Surely, it is neither reasoned, nor computed, but executed naturally as if the are under one command.

  • naveed

    It felt like 2 minutes to practice meditation and awe. thank you

  • alix

    The infinite beauty of the Universe. The did life come to be? Where is it going?

  • BirdGirl2

    Flock behavior has always fascinated me and this video just adds to the mystery. I have 2 birds at home and am constantly amazed by their intelligence and show of emotions. God has blessed us with so many wonderous things!

  • Lindsey

    Inspiring and magestic. A miracle in flight!!

  • Lindsey

    Inspiring and magestic. A miracal in flight

  • Cindy

    Amazing. Sort of like an old Busby Berkley choreography on steroids, completely unrehearsed and massive in size. Truly God's choreography.

  • PMB

    Thank you capturing for God’s Awesome Creation

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