This compelling film documents endangered wisdom and the empowerment of women. Mama Irene has overcome many obstacles in her long life as she carries on thousands of years of Incan healing traditions. She is a Shaman, one of few women Shamans, living in harmony with Mother Earth. She sees the mountains as sacred and the mountain spirits as her guides as she heals through knowledge and traditions that are in danger of being lost.


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  • kate

    I live in the northern part of Turtle Island in a small village. One day, i was humbled as i received a true blessing offered by Mama Irene from her through Pachamama. Undeniable, sustainable and nurturing. The feeling of that moment is reflected here. All blessings and love exist in true reality. ~ k

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  • Learn more about Mama Irene and the making of this documentary. 
  • Read about the role of women shamans in Korean cities.
  • Who are the elders in your own life whose wisdom has nurtured you? How can you carry on their wisdom by nurturing others? 

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