Ever dream of living a simpler, more community-rooted lifestyle? Ever wondered if you & your friends really could grow your own food? Or build your own house? What would it look like to dedicate your pursuits and personal interests to match up with an intention of peace, respect for nature, long-term sustainability...and JOY? Meet several young people who made this dream their reality with a project called "The Possibility Alliance" - an amazing intentional farming community on a lush piece of land in northeastern Missouri.


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  • Karthikeyani

    Life and lifestyle can be much simpler, if we step out of complications which we are made to think as knowledge.

  • Cookie

    A world not made up of technology. Back to the roots. I think they're learning more than what's obvious.

  • Gilmer Dudley

    What inspired you about this video? Not for everybody, but I admire them!

  • Gilmer Dudley

    People trying to be “real” and seeking ways to prioritize higher things! Living out their better visions.

  • Sahara

    Interesting video!! A wonderful lifestyle shift - this is a true joy of living simple life.

  • Guri Mehta

    What a remarkable experiment and a group of people. Everyone seems very intentional about what they're doing and learning.

  • Joe

    It seems to me that many communal living situations run into the problem of communication and conflict resolution. With the Possibility Alliance using non-violent communication and consensus-building, they're really on to something--bringing those "soft skills" into play to create a truly sustainable community. I agree that that's where the real hard work is. I'd be interested in following their journey over the long-haul.

  • S Stone

    wondering how much of this success relies on physical and mental health and strength and therefore not feeling like it's completely replicable...

  • richard whittaker

    Altogether inspiring seeing these young people living their values, testing their values, exploring their values by actually putting them to the test of being lived. And when the results verify the hopes and larger aims, it's a powerful demonstration for inspiring others. Love this little film that captures the spirit of the group so well.

  • Sabrina Louise

    Wonderful!!! Inspired to figure out how to create something similar using veganic permaculture, and attempt simplicity without animal exploitation.

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  • Read more about The Possibility Alliance.
  • Join us for an Awakin Call with Ethan Hughes, one of the founders of the Possibility Alliance.
  • Take one small step today toward your own Respectful Revolution. Plant a flower pot garden, gather rain water, walk to an errand. The journey to a new world starts with a small first step.

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