This short film by engineer and stop-motion animator Brett Foxwell, in collaboration with musician and animator bedtimes, offers a mesmerizing look into cross sections of a piece of raw wood as it goes through a milling machine. The imagery produced captures the wood's unique growth rings, knots and weathered spots. Due to the speed with which the images are animated, the grains begin to flow in a vibrant dance that is both abstract and yet very real.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    a beautiful reminder of the aliveness of wood and trees, thank you!

  • Prashanti

    It was a powerful way to watch destruction of wood by a saw. So much detail. I have more respect than ever for our trees now.!

  • Donna Butler

    The beauty!

  • Kevin Cullen

    It’s beauty

  • Peg Runnels

    Beauty exists whether we can see it or not. Thanks for showing us this particular beauty of wood being sliced. Fascinating!

  • ramesh shah

    Title-WoodSwimmer, Curiosity, Enjoyed Music and Animation of wood sections.

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  • Read "The Understory:Life Beneath the Forest Floor".
  • Focus on one plant, tree or other natural object in your environment that you see regularly. Can you see anything on close examination that you have missed before? 

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