A small village in India hosts the largest gathering of transgender women in Asia. This strikingly honest and engaging film highlights the lives of attendees as they come together in a safe space where they can be their true selves and build friendships and community, far from the abuse they experience in the larger world. The film documents their celebration of being in a place of acceptance as well as the real struggles they face in their daily lives, just like we all do.


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  • Nancy

    I love that these beautiful human beings have a place where they can be themselves and a group of others who accept them for exactly who they are. LOVE

  • Isabel

    Human life and his beliefs

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  • Read about the long road to LGBTQ equality in India. 
  • Learn about Outright Action International's work to promote the human rights and dignity of LGBTQ people around the world. 
  • Catch yourself the next time you have a judgmental thought about an individual or group of people, and imagine what it would be like to live the life they are living. 

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