You don't have to be an artist to draw! Drawing is something all of us have successfully used with a pen or pencil on paper to plan, show or imagine what we are thinking. Being “good” at art doesn’t really matter as long as ideas are being shared. In this beautifully illustrated talk, Ralph Ammer shows how drawing your thoughts can be a powerful tool for improving your thinking, creativity and communication. He wants you to believe in your drawing abilities, and provides numerous exercises to help you get started. According to Ammer, drawing is important for all of us to do not so that we can be artists, but because drawing is another way of thinking just the way using words is a way to think out loud or on paper. Drawing is simply a way to “think” in another form.


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  • Lisa

    Excellent lesson on drawing as it supports thinking and communication!

  • Sybil

    It's logic and the awareness that all we need do is pick up a pencil, get a pac of paper and go for it.

  • Pat Brown


  • Carolyn

    How you can discover beauty in something by drawing it; how you can share this love and beauty by showing others your drawing! And how you can invest meaning by choosing a viewpoint, composition and scale for your something.

  • Debbie

    Drawings as compositions and communication! Loved this whole presentation! Thank you!

  • KP

    I want to know more about how he uses drawing for reflection. His drawings were good, but I could not immediately see how he came to make them. I'd love to learn the "how"

  • Pamela

    I’m interested in exercising my mind in ways that support the connection between the hemispheres. My sense is that this technique supports this, with the emphasis on not being an “artist.” Lovely. Thank you. Also, ordinarily I am not very interested in watching video presentations of ideas and information. For some reason, I was attracted to this one. Again, thank you.

  • Joan

    Thank you so much for your video. I have been wanting to resume drawing for some time now. I have always seen it as perspective to my values in the world. Yet some of my lack of how to draw has held me back. I need inspiration to get out of the draw what you see framework. Thank you for the idea of originality and creativity.I will try drawing the spaces between things, just as a meditator focuses on the space between the breath. I like the idea that thinking thru doing drawing rather than being a good artist.

  • Patrick Watters

    Reminds me deeply of my mother who would sketch all sorts of things with pencil and paper when we were young. After she raised us she became an accomplished artist using oils and water colors on canvas. And, as an elementary school teacher she taught her students to paint. ❤️

  • Ginny

    As a practicing artist...trained in pen and ink and involved in art as meditation...I found this very interesting. I have friends who are "graphic artists" involved in helping other communicate with drawing. It's very powerful for initiating ideas and drawing conclusions and group consensus as well as personal thinking. I wish Ralph had talked more about resources for enhancing ones drawing the negative shape idea.

  • jj

    just like in drawing, there is a flow from head toheart to hand

  • Anantha Agasthya

    What inspired you about this video? The flow of the ideas

  • Anantha Agasthya


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  • Learn about ways to draw from the right side of the brain in this exercise. 
  • Read about Mind Mapping as a way to put ideas on paper using words or images in a "map" format. 
  • Get out a pencil and paper today and allow yourself to draw out an idea that you have and share it with someone else. Let go of thinking that what you draw has to be "good art" and just enjoy being creative.

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