In this brief and moving glimpse into his life, Morné Pretorius shares how the experience of a car accident ten years ago which left him in a coma for a month, has impacted his perspective on life, leading him to living gratefully every day. He reminds us to make peace with what happens in our lives, realizing that our experiences do not define our future. Speaking from the knowledge gained from his life, he advises, "You are walking this life. Make sure you leave beautiful steps behind."


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Love his calmness, his present presence. So much wisdom shared in such a short time and great reminders of the seemingly simple. Here's to making peace with what has happened. I have a program called Steer Your Story in service to survivors of abuse, addiction, domestic/interpersonal violence, incarceration, trafficking, and war. It focuses so much on what preferred story each person wishes to create by noticing all the many ways they have survived, skills used to still be here. I think we need to acknowledge this so much more than we do. <3 What an accomplishment to be alive. To be kind and loving. <3

  • Isbel

    His kindness and calm. The fact that he can laugh at himself. Being disabled has done some similar things for me - I liked hearing him talk about it. FYI: lever does not mean "nice." It's a uniquely Dutch word that can mean delicious, cozy, fun, etc. But I've never heard it used as "nice." "Leuk" is nice. "kom leker big me zitten" Come sit cozy besides me.

  • Satish

    Beautifully said....sometimes the hardest things in life to understand are the most simple things....Just Be Nice....Thank you

  • Patricia

    Everything.It is possible to change our pperspective when we choose to do so.This man speaks beautiful poetry.

  • Patrick Watters

    As the Navajo say in their Diné dialect, “Hozho naashadoo,” walk in beauty/harmony…

  • Melissa

    Beautifully filmed. It's lovely to encounter a gentle soul in this life

  • Jo-Neal Graves

    I love that this beautiful young man has found the truth about happiness! Love is ALL that matters.

  • katie

    so simple, so profound!

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