The Land, so named by the children who use it, is an adventure playground in North Wales, one of hundreds of such playgrounds in the United Kingdom and Europe. The United States has only around ten adventure playgrounds, which include adult play workers who manage hazards while the children themselves learn to manage their own risks. Children gain a sense of accomplishment and empowerment while having fun using cast off items and a variety of tools, with permission to play freely with the materials at hand.


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    I played just like this. Today I design and plan homes that are energy efficient in ways that keep costs low. This kind of play taught me how to negotiate multiple problems and solutions and choose the best outcome.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    absolutely Brilliant on so many levels! so much creativity, problem solving, working together, discovery! If only the US could be MORE open to this type of play space. So glad these are flourishing in UK and Europe! I see so much JOY on the children's faces!

  • janetmarie

    that’s the way we used to play always when I was a kid. in the forties. always. humans are going to need these risk taking skills profoundly in the years to come when electronics just won’t cut the mustard. well, at least there are ten in the usa... when did we get so dainty?

  • Barbara

    I smiled all the way through it. Love the idea that swings and roundabouts are not long term play things, or even engaging, after a short time. We need more of this approach to children's play with less phones and more discovery. The explanation of the difference between risk and hazard was a bit of light bulb moment. Great work.

  • Josie

    I LOVE that people are dirty and the surroundings aren't pristine. Love that it allows for so much creativity and just genuine fun.

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