Devon Michael was a child actor living in poverty when he auditioned for the part of Anakin Skywalker for the a Star Wars movie, The Phantom Menace. He saw this opportunity as his way out of poverty and he felt this might well be the most important thing he would ever do. In the aftermath he learned that he can tell his own story, as he does so rivetingly in this film. "It depends on how you tell your own story, how you tell your story to yourself. Maybe that's what the Force is, giving yourself permission to see things differently."


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  • MJay

    Please provide captions - it "looks" very interesting but I would very much like to knkw what is being said

  • melanie

    So true: children take to heart what other's say about them, so it is important to be supportive, not belittle. There's so much heart in this man's sharing of his childhood experience while auditioning for The Phantom Menace. While he considers himself "The Unchosen One", in reality, he WAS chosen. Each of those final three children was Anakin - in heart AND in spirit.

  • kz

    What interested me about this video is a child's dream of happiness flops--like dreams will (awake and officially asleep). I was curious to learn what happened to Devon Michael afterwards. Great to learn he tried his hand at writing a children's story, maybe he'll do more. I pray he really does let go of himself as 'losing'/a "loser"-- until he does, he cannot move on into a more balanced adulthood. I wish him all the best.

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  • Think of a time when you had to accept that you could not achieve a particular dream. How do you tell the story of that experience to yourself and others? 

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