Many of us see those in prison, especially men in high security prison, through a lens of fear. Want to see with new eyes? Watch these young men show you their humanity through their dance.


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  • James Rodell

    A sense of redemption -- how wonderful!

  • Jean martin

    If you or your company would like to support the completion of the film with a tax deductible donation you can do so online here:

  • Amanda

    I am so inspired by the honesty of these men. I think it's a wonderful thing to allow them to express themselves through movement and dance. I am a dancer and I know how incredibly healing it can be. It takes you out of your head and into the moment. It allows you to focus on how you feel for that moment in time. I think it's an incredible form of therapy for these men. I definitely want to see more and hear more from these men. Looking forward to the documentary when it is finished.

  • Audrey

    We all make terrible decisions/mistakes when young. This shows men taking responsibility but also willing to open themselves up and I believe that many of us are where we are now because we got a second chance. they deserve consideration for a second chance. Arts in prison is inspiring and rewarding.

  • Diane Hong

    I was inspired by the reaction of the men who felt changed by this dance. Beautiful.

  • Bernice Mennis

    the beauty and power and gentleness of the movement, and of the interaction between the men, and how transformative they felt in terms of their own lives.I would love to see more...I wrote a book about teaching in Great Meadows Prison in Upstate NY: Breaking Out of PrisonL a guide to consciousness, compassion, and freedom..I was continually touched and deepened by where the men travelled when they wrote from their heart...I felt the same with this: where we can travel and how we can break free. Thanks you

  • Dennis826

    Giving prisoners a positive outlet, and a chance to rehabilitate in their own way. Amazing. I believe we need more of this in prisons.

  • Carolyn

    Brave men changing in a harsh environment.

  • Jean Martin

    Thanks for the comments and thank you Karmatube for showing our trailer. If you would like to support our film 'Dancing In A-Ayard' please email me at for more info. We hope to finish and release the film soon.

  • Esther T

    Allowing prisoners to explore their softer and creative side

  • Liz

    people getting the chance to heal and share - open up. What an amazing model for all of us

  • Jo-Neal Graves

    I am thoroughly impressed and I know personally that dance, like all art forms, can save a life! Hurray for this prison and the young dancers!

  • Sarah

    Hearing the men speak of themselves choosing the vulnerability and the Power of dance to lift their lives and reveal a strength in themselves they could use to heal and empower their lives. Very inspirational. Thank you men!

  • Ramesh Shah

    Even Prisoners have an Excepttional Talents; How to see Beyond our own prejudices; This is Most effective way to Reform and make them productive citizens with pride.

  • Susan

    The inspiration - and irony -- that in confinement, these men found a new portal to freedom through dance.

  • Lola

    Prison reform looks like this. This is a powerful and uplifting video and shows us what is possible when we let go of our bias and prejudice.

  • Margaret

    I have seen a film on the use of yoga in prisons, with similar positive effects.Both dance and yoga allow prisoners to experience their bodies in a positive, non-violent way. I was struck by the fact that all the dancers but one were men of colour.

  • Meg Chrisler

    This is pure beauty and it looks like such a release of frustration and expression. I would like to find out more about how to support these efforts to bring more compassion into the prison setting. Thank you for this program and for this film!

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