John Koenig loves finding words that express our unarticulated feelings -- like "lachesism," the hunger for disaster, and "sonder," the realization that everyone else's lives are as complex and unknowable as our own. We share many emotional responses to living human life. When there is no word for those feelings, there is no way for the emotions to breathe in the space of being heard. John's work is all about changing that. Listen and find the words you've been seeking.


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  • Susan Curry

    I agree so fully that we need new words, and we also need to retire certain words that embed and embody the over-masculinized conquest, battle, attack, victorious (victims,superiority ways of speaking. I thorough loved Bill Watersons quote at the end.

  • patricia

    a spark of clarity this morning that has really soothed me. an aha moment, thank you john .

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  • Lean more about how John's unique project came to be.
  • Walk into the world of words being born and coming to life in John's creation, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.
  • How might you begin to create the meaning you seek for the life you experience? Begin today in some small way...remember...the path is made by walking.

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