For generations coal miners have risked their health and safety to be able to provide for their families. Eastern Kentucky has been irrevocably changed by mining and its collateral damage on individuals and the environment. Through their music, the Appalachian duo, The Local Honeys, shines a light on how the long held traditions of folk music and activism combine to provide hope and healing.


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  • Marge

    I admire the courage of folks to speak up about how people are used and abused by cooperate greed. Thank you Patagonia for caring. I love how the folks of Troublesome Creek Stringed Instrument Co. reach out to help so many. I pray they will be able to rebuild and be whole again.

  • Anne

    This is a beautiful video. Thanks for sharing this information. I am so grateful that the light is starting to shine on the difficulty of those having few options.

  • Reese Coats

    Evoked many emotions—anger at the greed of fossil fuel companies who exploit our planet and human lives. Inspiration at the indomitable spirit of these brave people. Anger at a god, if there is one, who would then allow such injustice, then floods to destroy so much, including the organization that was bringing hope to the despairing. I’ll be sending them a donation.

  • Ramesh Shah

    Quote; We must accept finite disappointment, but NEVER loose Infinite Hope.Under my Prosperity and good living, there are a lot of people who have sacrificed their lives.

  • kz

    Beautiful and tragic=== the love of their land, history, their 'tribe' is powerfully revealed to those of us who never think about the coal miners. I have a PhD from a 1st class university. I've garnered scholarships, fellowships, honors ---but this film showed me how ignorant--even petty- I am. I will donate to the Truoblesome Creek Stringed Instrument Co. Thank you so much!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Tears. Thank you for sharing such a compassionately layered explanation of the effects of coal mining and the striving of Kentuckyians to make a new,living. May Troublesome Creek Stringed Instruments be rebuilt. Thank you to The Local Honeys for this powerful compelling telling and song.

  • Suellen

    My family is from southwest Virginia, and I was born there. Both sides of my family hated the mines and what they did to the land and the communities. Although my family members loved the region eventually most of them had to leave in order to make a livng. Thanks for this video!

  • richard

    Such a powerful film. Having spent much of my childhood next door in West Virginia where my dad worked in the coal mines adds a personal layer of meaning. May help come to the Troublesome Creek Stringed Instrument Co. so that they can rebuild and continue their inspiring work, and to all those who have been harmed.

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