What if you knew that the way to access the very best in yourself - the light side of your humanity - was by facing your darkness?...One of the most powerful turning points in life comes when we begin to understand the shadow as a great teacher.


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  • Ana

    What is her name? I would like to see more of her. More of her angels. Is a very very beautiful video. Beautifully crafted. And a very very beautiful person.

  • Diane Hong

    Hers is such a beautiful story. She has embraced both sides of herself and has learned to live in the world but also with the angels. Very inspiring.

  • Erin

    This was beautiful. I'm so happy I watched this one. Each of us is on a journey... Sometimes it takes a while to realize what that journey is... I am thankful for Angels that surround me.

  • Amy Vanden Boom

    Amen to our angels and so many comments below!

  • Jasvinder

    An honest and heartfelt personal journey that is thought provoking.Yes, so important to understand and make peace with the darkness.Guardian angels are definitely present when one reaches out in prayer to protect 🙏 Thank you for sharing.

  • Sister Marilyn

    Exquisite cinematography; peace-filled honesty and transparency of this artist.

  • Patrick Watters

    Each of us has our own journey to follow. Sometimes we will have others who may journey with us. Other times we may be alone, and feel alone. But the Lover of our souls always sends angels to accompany us. }:- a.m.

  • Heather F

    The beauty of the way she presented herself, her environment, her art, her struggles, her joys. The emphasis on the power of daring to be creative as a way to heal. I just loved the whole thing and it changed the trajectory of my day. Thank you!

  • Joellen

    The passion to find the light in the darkness - we need to invest in ourselves to keep our wings strong and healthy. What a beautiful message! thank you.

  • Ani

    Firstly the way it was filmed ... the light, the imagery, the poetic manner in which it was presented. I loved the journey of this storyteller and artist. It was certainly relatable and very authentic and inspiring. Thank you.

  • Jesse

    This film, this woman, her story, a gift to the world! I am so grateful to receive this, it spoke to my heart very deeply.

  • Nancy

    Honesty Owning the light and dark within. I am so grateful- every morning I fight for light- to be the dancing star. So needed this inspiration now. What is this angel's name? With great gratitude I thank her so for being a Realist. I send her rainbows of light.

  • Gary Dunstan

    Beautiful. Poetic. Wise. Thank you.

  • Melissa

    the giving and receiving... the recognising and being recognised... her artwork! I'd like to buy some as a reminder of this beautifully crafted film and the beautiful being portrayed here. Thank you

  • Tookie

    Everything! Such a beautiful film. Thank you.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to the light inside and the light we receive from others that allows our wings to unfurl so we can fly. So beautifully voiced and filmed. Thank you! It also has me thinking of the quote: "What if I fall? But oh my darling, what if you fly?" Erin Hanson

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  • Begin to embrace your suffering and your darkness like a loving parent.
  • Explore more stories of our shared humanity.
  • Sit down and invite the most hidden part of yourself into your heart. Listen quietly and look with eyes of love. Come to love this darker part of you as a gift. How might this gift become your angel? How might your gift grow your wings?

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