Children in India and Pakistan are overcoming the age-old animosity of adults through exchanges of love letters. The World's Largest Love Letter is soon to be delivered from children in India to their counterparts in Pakistan. It all started when two Americans, visiting India, needed to make a quick trip across the border to renew their visas. A nuisance became a grand opportunity. They decided to take armloads of friendship letters from children in India to children in Pakistan. Traveling to schools by bicycle, they gathered 30,000 letters. That led to the founding of Friends Without Borders, made up of 99 percent children and some adults, all working to let children's voices be heard.


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  • Rick Brooks

    This is an incredibly simple idea with profound implications. Why don't we do it in more countries, across more ethnic and religious and racial and political divides? Why not have adults do this, too? Let's try it. Who will experiment with me? Call 608-265-4077. What will you be doing on September 21?

  • /sz

    lovely video

  • Jeanne Suhr

    How Beautiful! I cried ! Thank You for such a marvelous idea. I would love to help in anyway I can. This is globalization at its very root and finest...where war is quite the opposite. Thank you again!

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  • Write a heartfelt letter to someone with whom you may be in conflict.
  • Get a classroom of kids to write letters to another classroom - perhaps one in a very different part of the world.
  • Help Friends Without Borders build a website that can enable classrooms to connect with other classrooms internationally.

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