Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the most fascinating and respected figures in the world today because she has transformed how we view people with autism and how we treat animals, specifically, in the cattle industry. She explains to us what it is like for her to live in this world, having an autistic mind, and how it helps her relate to animals. "We need all kinds of minds" and beautiful things happen when we make an effort to see what others see.


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  • Maggie Spilner

    I am totally inspired by Grandin's ability to focus on the welfare of cattle, who have suffered so needlessly in the hands of the industry. She has an interesting approach that others can learn from. Instead of fighting the whole industry, she takes what exists and makes practical advances in how it can be done better, more safely and more "humanely" for the animals. Both industry and cattle benefit from her efforts.

  • shelley

    B, The movie about Temple Grandin is quite compelling and inspirational. S

  • Tami Jackson

    I liked this presentation. Meanwhile I thought it was interesting how she claims cows have two motivations or drives: fear and curiosity. (She failed to mention hunger, sexual excitement, and reaction to external, reactions not releated to fear; such as seeking a warm place when it's cold outside). Cows are much more complex than she presented.

  • JG

    Thank you. Excellent insights into the varieties of mind. I am quite "normal", even considered intelligent, yet I've always felt an affinity for those with autism (I don't know any, just what I've read.) From this video, I see that I relate to the sensory and emotional overload, both of which make me want to withdraw to silence. I also relate to deer. We often stand and stare at each other when I encounter them on my walks. I sense they know. Anyway, thank you for the video and articles.

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