Perhaps he noticed because his father was a soapmaker in Uganda. When Derreck Kayongo learned how much soap was thrown away by hoteliers in the US, and that 2 million children die each year due to a lack of sanitation, he decided to do something about it. He started Global Soap Project. Volunteers across the U.S. collect the hotel soaps and ship them to the group's warehouse in Atlanta. On Saturdays, Atlanta volunteers assemble there to clean, reprocess and package the bars. Then, they work with partner organizations to ship and distribute the soap directly to people who need it -- for free. To date, more than 100,000 bars have been gifted to communities in nine countries.


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  • maureen drennan

    everything . god bless .xxx

  • Joanne

    I love stories like this. My husband is a hotel manager here in Africa and he recycles the sheets, linens and soaps to give to the children/orphan centers. They need them and are THRILLED to receive them. I enjoy the Karma Tube. Thanks for sharing good news!

  • georgette

    he really save lives god bless him

  • Venkatesh

    Keep it up . . .

  • Kate

    :) My grandfather collected hotels soaps, when I was little, in a similar way. I hadn't thought about that for a while! It's inspiring to see that efforts are continuing today, and to remember the past in a new light. Thank you for sharing the story!

  • Karin

    it is this act of love which purifies and brings comfort, and the soap adds to it! Thank you Derrick for your love and soap

  • Janaki

    really inspired...thanx for giving the examples

  • ArunChikkop

    "This world is a very dangerous place to live, Not because of people who do eveil, But because of people who look on and do NOTHING. We need more people like you Derreck.. You're a real Hero.

  • joanina

    ghee what an awesome idea. just love recycling and making things that could just be waste be useful!!

  • Divakar

    This is a awesome thought :) hats off Derreck.....honestly you don't need lot of things to change this world...its basic common sense and Idea..will be enough :) :)

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  • Tell a local hotel about the Global Soap Project and share a bit more of Derreck's inspiring story.
  • 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation.  Learn more facts about sanitation challenges around the globe.
  • Take time to notice waste around you, and think of creative ways to "upcycle" it into new forms of value.

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