In this short video, curiosity is revealed. How our curiosity has evolved into science, and, what science has revealed about the world we live in. It turns out that half of the people on Earth at any moment are upside down. Curious.


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  • Admin

    kayleigh - Richard Feynman died in 1988. This video is part of a series from the makers of the Sagan Series and Facebook. At minute 4:14, there are credits for the video clips taken from various sources. Most likely the video for the place you seek is from one of the BBC series.

  • kayleigh

    I have to know where one of the scenes in this video was set. I have to go there. Who do I talk to in order to find that out? Anyone have Richard Feynman's email address?

  • Parth Savla

    What a wonderful video with stunning visuals. I really appreciated what the narrator insistence on being curious about the "basics" the leaves, the butterflies and the gravitation towards the "latest" breakthrough. As the years have passed, I can see how in the past I would be great stimulated by the adrenaline rush of the latest, greatest, most visually appealing, emotion stirring things and now while they have their merit, it's the delight in the everyday simple and the acknowledgment of simple moments that I find more moving. Thanks KT for this brilliant reminder on cultivating the Everyday Curious. I also enjoyed listening to one of my favorite composers (Ludovico Enaudi) being highlighted for more you can go to: and/or check out his song "Primavera" which is the song highlighted here.

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  • Learn more about Richard Feynman from his friend Leonard Susskind.
  • Ponder unanswerable questions.
  • Ponder answerable questions, take something simple in you're environment and figure out how exactly it works.

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