What would it be like to meditate in a public place--at a busy intersection or amidst teems of shoppers at a mall? A few years ago, Alex Cequea asked himself this very question, and acted on it by creating The Public Meditation Project. Convinced that world change starts from within, this young activist from Houston, Texas has since opted to "be peace" in congested locales all over town, often in the company of like-minded others. Take a peek at his fearless inquiry, and some of the reactions it has elicited.


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  • Bela

    Sometimes I think meditating in public might make other people feel uncomfortable....but this video inspired me...you never know the ripples that you might be creating and even if some feel uncomfortable, others might feel inspired.

  • Rick Brooks

    Great idea. One person meditates. People see her or him. What about two people? Ten...or ten thousand? I would think that could be quite (or quietly) infectious. Thus the challenge: what will you be doing September 21? Why not meditate? www.onepeace.us Not political or partisan, not violent. Not "weird," but a good start for the International Day of Peace. I will meditate now. With a sign. Thanks.

  • Steve

    Very cool, great idea...If more people did this we would see great results.

  • Terry

    This is realization that is important for all of us,because without it all the rest of spirituality is just a game. What's looking through your eyes right now? What's the experience of that? Amazing, excellent vid. Thxs for sharing! Namaste

  • Madhura

    Unusual idea, but worth trying. The video misspells Mahatma Gandhi's name (it should be Gandhi instead of Ghandi).

  • choclet pi

    They are like little temples. Little pockets of peace.

  • choclet pi

    That's a cool idea. Just looking at someone meditating, it's hard to be rushing around and worrying. Especially if they are actually there with you.

  • JC

    Very cool! This guy is a leader.

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  • Read this account in Alex's blog about what happened when he was confronted by a shopping mall security guard.
  • Check out these excerpts from "Three Steps, One Bow"--the story of two American monks' remarkable two year, 800 mile silent pilgrimage up the California coast.
  • Partner with Alex by "displaying your peace" publicly--and sending photos and video to him at publicmeditationproject@gmail.com.

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