John Bramblitt lost his sight to epilepsy, but not his inner vision. The University of North Texas undergraduate shows how he managed to transform the anger he felt about his disability into art--developing a system of painting by touch, using his fingers in the place of eyes to create paintings of astonishing vibrancy. "If I hadn't lost my sight, I don't think I would have become a painter," Bramblitt says. "The whole point of beginning was symbolic--to prove that I could still see."


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  • Connie Lake

    What an inspiration! Now I have no exuse not to try to use all of my talents even the one's I don't even know exist. This has inspired me to be the best I can and not ever give up.

  • Lillian

    This is so amazing and inspiring !

  • Guri

    What an inspiring story! So much to learn from his example.

  • Cindy

    Amazing talent and personal strength! Another example of how to compensate the loss of one of the senses- precious eyesight..

  • choclet pi

    I love this guy. He has such a great spirit and soul.

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  • Learn more about John Bramblitt and how he "sees color with sound."
  • Check out this website for writings  and reflections on living creatively with disabilities.

  • Challenge your assumptions.

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