"The rhythm of life is becoming faster and faster, so we really don't have the same awareness and the same ability to check into ourselves." These words are from an unexpected source: a Harvard nutritionist. Dr. Lilian Cheung, with Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh, co-wrote 'Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life.' "That's why mindful eating is becoming more important. We need to be coming back to ourselves and saying: 'Does my body need this? Why am I eating this? Is it just because I'm so sad and stressed out?'" In this 3-minute video, Dr. Cheung explains how honoring and being mindful of the food we eat makes us healthier. She offers seven practices for mindful eating -- simple steps that we can take to maintain a healthier weight and live a happier life. We are what we eat -- and how we eat it.


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  • lmillikan

    What I noticed is the slowness and mindfulness of the video. I will practice to be "slower".

  • Wanda

    It makes so much sense! Thank you for that wise and clear explanation.

  • Pip

    Oh, I'm so sad that this video does not have captions! I wish I could share it with my Deaf community......

  • Satish

    Eat in small plate, eat on time, eat slowly, plant based food is good and not to eat too much

  • bhavesh

    I am been part of 21 day mindfulness challange and this inspire me to linked to show this video. Today I am going to practice it. Really great seven habits of mindful eating.

  • Sherrill

    This is an awareness that I have had for over 20 years. It's interesting to think about all the hands involved in getting the food to the table. I am a very slow eater, usually the slowest one at the table.

  • Caroline

    Over the last few years, this is something I have been told I need to do more of. Over the past year I have made a conscious effort to stop and enjoy my food and not rush it without tasting it. My husband and I do not have the TV on when we eat to ensure that we slow down and enjoy the meal that we have prepared together. This is a good reminder that I need to do this with all of my meals, not just the one I share with my husband at the end of a full day.

  • Elisabeth

    Suddenly understood something lovely: my Mum recently said: "You ALWAYS have been eating slowly, even as a young child. Even though your father and I were having diner in a rush because of work, you did not rush.". Still I'm Always last to finish any meal or snack. At last I'm quite happy with this :-)

  • Steve

    Not the healthiest examples of food but I appreciated the message and the plant-based recommendation at the end to "meat" people where they're at!

  • Su

    It showed me the art of mindful eating. The precipts were told very slowly and simply, thank you

  • Mae

    Starting a Meal: The Five Contemplations This food is the gift of the whole universe - the earth the sky, and much hard work. May we eat in mindfulness so as to be worthy to receive it. May we transform our unskillful states of mind and learn to eat with moderation. May we take only foods that nourish us and prevent illness. We accept this food to realize the path of understanding and love and joy.

  • Lynda

    She stated each step slowly and clearly and I feel like I finally understand what I must do. Actually, Maewest stated exactly how I feel and I am grateful.

  • Maewest

    I love the slowness with which the seven steps are spelt out-- I need to follow these steps urgently-- I have tried, but with so much that weighs me down, I cannot stick to slow eating. I know I have to work on eating slowly and mindfully! The 7 tips will help

  • Carol

    I set an intention...forget...start again. Clear reminders to practice mindful eating, mindful living, mindful loving-kindness. For myself, my intention also includes share a meal with someone and savor the food by eating with minimum distractions. in peace and gratitude to earth, mother nature, farmers and workers who provide beauty, abundance, nourishment for our body and souls.

  • Francy

    It reminded me of how mindlessly (unconsciously I often eat). I am usually reading, listening to the radio/TV/internet video and rarely am I present with the experience of eating. Trying to eat at least one meal a day in a mindful mindset would be a good practice for my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Joyce Simard

    She speaks of everything i do not do. So, tonight i will try to eat mindfully.

  • Nina

    It is everything that Weight Watchers is now putting into practice, starting with breathing and meditation.

  • Bina Patel

    My grandmother used to tell us to only look at our plate and eat quietly when my cousins and I would visit her during vacation. "Focus on your food" was her reminder if we started to talk. When I asked her why we could not talk, she said that talking took us away from the act of eating and we would not enjoy the food fully. I appreciated her advice when I grew up! This video speaks to the same point.

  • Sherry

    Gratitude that I have access to so much healthful organic food. There are many local, farmer's markets where food can be purchased, where you can actually talk to the one growing the food. You begin to appreciate an honor the vegetables you purchased by cooking them in a healthy and delicious way. Eating in a mindful manor, not wasting any of it. It is actually spiritual practice. Thank you for this video - a wonderful reminder.

  • BillB

    The slow thoughtful presentation will inspire me to eat in a mindful way. Mindful eating comes from an eastern philosophy and I wonder if the western idea of saying grace before eating was a way to introduce this idea of eating in a mindful way?

  • Andrea

    More people are becoming aware of the value of eating mindfully.

  • Natver M. Patel

    Reverence for everything around us and respect for all that is part of our lives is one of the most important lesson and a Good Karma. Thich Nhat Hanh gentle delivery of the 7 habits is inspiring and applies to many other habits.

  • Annie

    I have read Thich Nhat Hanh before, though not this book, and began an effort toward mindfulness and especially regarding food two years ago. I lost roughly 100 pounds through using these principles. Slowing down, being grateful, becoming aware helped me understand when my body/my stomach was full and when I did not need to eat anymore. I was able to stop eating. I also learned to better identify what exactly I was hungry for - salty? crunchy? sweet? sour? I am going to find this book! Thank you so much! I am much happier at this new leaner weight. I do not have to carry a 100 pound sack of fat around with me. And I am 62 years old - never too old to learn.

  • Anne

    By honoring the food we become grateful and acknowledge how fortunate we are in a world full of hungry people.

  • BJ

    I should eat 3 meals a day, savor the food, eat slower. Employ Mindfulness during eating!

  • Joan

    I am inspired to be grateful for my food by applying these 7 practices.

  • Gregory

    I am 36 and I find it fascinating to learn about something as basic as eating. Thank you!

  • Cherie

    Love the idea of paying attention to all the details and focussing on them all. Have never savoured a bowl of homemade butternut squash soup so much.

  • Merrilee

    Everything, it works!

  • Lys

    I have always valued food and communal eating especially as an important part of the family. Its good to have the video remind me of other aspects and maybe bring those in to the communal nature of meals. On the occasions when one has to eat alone I think the first 6 habits will assist I am unlikely to adopt a completely plant based diet.

  • David

    I like the slow, relaxed presentation of the ideas which helps me to keep the focus on eating mindfully

  • Lydia

    I felt very relaxed while enjoying my food, ate a smaller portion but still felt full when I finished my meal, and without even trying I noticed I ate every grain of rice in the bowl. Usually there is a few grains left behind, but when I ate slowly and carefully I easily are every grain without even thinking about it! This practice was everything it claimed to be and helped me not waste food!

  • Dede

    Eating for me is a big part of taking care of my body to be healthy. Thank you for validating this. I can always be more mindful while I am eating and preparing what is to be eaten. We all can be more thankful and grateful for all the foods by which we have to eat. We are all so blessed.

  • stardust

    I am watching this a linked to the 21 day challenge issued by UC Berkley Science of Happiness Mooc. The challenge asks us to eat one meal mindfully a day and write on our experience. Day one and you will hear no more from me. I like all the 7 steps, except I suspect the last one is inspired by a Buddhist value of vegetarianism and the science is secondary. That's Ok, I am just aware of the logic. Still appreciate the offering, have book marked it, and will watch repeatedly.

  • Dr. Bijaya Sainju

    I like the idea of mindful eating, some of these habits we already applying. we need to follow all seven habits regularly, if we want to be healthy.

  • stephanie

    As one of the gals wrote - I learned this many moons ago - my mother was a brilliant gal. Many thanks for reminding me.

  • kindmind

    The video inspired me to appreciate what we have and to enjoy and savour every moment, every morsel.

  • Ruta

    This beautiful video reminds us of the critical role food plays in our life..and that it deserves our full attention and respect. I remember being taught a prayer to be said before eating food..As children, we would say it aloud everyday. All it asked was to be grateful for having good food to eat, and eat it as if it is a 'Yagna' - a holy process. Fits so much into this context today.

  • Akshay

    I think i'm following all 6 habits mentioned in the video except the 'portion'. I dont watch my portion. Being an indian its a part of my eating culture through out my life taught my parents and grand parents. Happy to know its being shared to other people as well.. happy eating guys.

  • rae

    I am interested in this and would like to have known what was said. There were no captions for those of us who do not hear.

  • carla

    I am into vegetarianism and plant eating BUT I have also recently also seen that PALEO (meat based) has some great results in health. So many researches I wonder if at the end it depends on what works best for your own body? We'll see

  • Dee

    Another thing I've learned during my weight loss journey is to write down everything, and I do mean everything I eat, from the ketchup to the forksful when nibbling. By doing so, I was able to make small changes and exchanges, i.e., salsa rather than ketchup as it's much lower in sugar and calories. These changes lead to losing over 100 pounds, and to being a healthier, slimmer and happier me!

  • Guru

    I learnt something that I had forgotten.I was despising others when I was young about the same due to busy schedule, but now it's time that I laugh at myself. Thanks for the reminder video which has made me smile

  • Mey

    I learn't a lot thanks to the people who created this program

  • Robin

    Eating is a lot like enjoying art. When you look at a good work of art, you savor it. Also, it's better to go to a museum and really look at a few piece of good art than to go and run through the whole museum and nor really "see" anything.

  • Andrea

    The more you 're beware, the better you'll live. And to be grateful. It sounds like religion, but it actually helps you to be in harmony.

  • marty

    It's what my mother said many moons ago and still good advice.

  • murali

    eating food is a ceremony by itself..an ayurvedic doctor used to say that the more chew a food..the less will be your intake..

  • Kitty

    It's a shame they have chosen to focus so much on weight. Weight is a poor indicator both of health and of how well someone is eating. Much healthier in ever way to focus on wellbeing.

  • Hari

    This might run contrararian to the evolution of human culture at large. But turning vegetarian would the the first order cultural reform that will benefit human beings, animals, oceans and mother earth immensely all at the same time.

  • Sam Ng

    I have learned from Dr. Cheung 43 years ago all the basics about nutrition. I do savor my food. When I eat meat, I give reverence to the animals that live and die for my sustenance. As I become more aware, I avoid GMO or any food produced by industrial/factory farming. I believe eating inhumanely produced foods is not only harmful to my body, it is bad for the earth.... and the soul.

  • Aparna

    This is a blessing. Immense gratitude :)

  • Kathrine

    I read the book Savor and it is inspiring to hear Dr. Cheung review and remind me of the basic principles. This can be life changing.

  • K.K.Subbiah

    Mindful eating got me back to my basic which is so important in to days world which is on a fast track it was great watching the video

  • daniel

    great video, also give thanks in whatever way is appropriate to you, especially if the meal is an animal that has given its life up for you. to assist in being mindful, dont have the tv or radio on whilst eating - this helps being in the moment and thoroughly enjoying each mouthful.

  • dkkkaushal

    good idea is mindful eating for successful to maintain healither weight

  • Barani

    Involving our senses... wonderful point...when we involve all the 5 sensory organs with the food we are eating, we will not only enjoy the food better, but also will appreciate the person who has prepared it.It improves relationships too.

  • Kerrie

    l know that this is important to collective consciousness and l will share this Mahalo

  • Di

    remembering to chew well as the 'stomach has no teeth' is my major lesson to heed :)

  • Irene Turner

    It was a GREAT reminder of a book I read over a decade ago by my spiritual teacher called "Discipline of Yoga". Yes, mindfulness and all the tips given here in this video are so great!!!!! Thank you for the reminder.

  • julie

    Dieting NEVER worked for me. It took illness to teach me the beauty of enjoying my food as a delicious gift. Mindful eating that is triggered by your gentle video is such a lovely way to learn. For all those wondering about a more restrictive diet, its been a delicious journey that ignores calorie intake and is satiating. Thin, healthier and so happy!

  • Krishan

    Food is so central to the human existence --it brings people together, defines a culture, and is the most fundamental experience of all beings. For many of us, who have never had to worry about food, this video reminded me to respect what is given to me and the process by which it came to me.

  • John

    Two more 1) when eating, just eat (rather than watch TV/talk/read etc) 2) after putting food in your mouth put the fork/spoon down (Watch how many people instead of savouring the food in their mouth, are thinking about the next mouthful)

  • Ruth Mentley

    The practical suggestions given here can help improve our lives in several ways. Bon appetit.

  • maryheffron

    using no more than 9" plate

  • Dr Vijaya

    educative video!The same practices which is been told in Ayurveda since thousands of years!Nothing new about it But should be practised sincerely!

  • Diana Murdock

    I wish the last had been first. A plant-based diet in itself can encourage the practice of mindful eating.

  • Ann Edwards

    The way she speaks, so mindful, I liked this video.

  • Bob

    To see if things had changed since what she taught me 40 years ago the same habits. They are the same habits taught to her by her mother. PhD I don't think so.

  • Arun Kapania

    These simple yet effective habits will : - Surely help us in getting the most out of whatever foods we consume. - Enable us to moderate our consumption and therefor contribue to food conservation Thank you for posting the video.

  • Birgitta

    Good and simple reminders...and some mindfulness perspective for ecology, climate and animals should be added. We are all interconnected and dearly and deeply dependent on "mother nature"

  • pappu

    Excellent Video... thanks for reminder....will surly try to remember..

  • Tara

    Thank you for the simple reminders.. Especially to eat my veggies! :)

  • Brian

    Thank you for the thoughtful reminders...Anyone for a BBQ? Just kidding. We tend not to realize how we are eating...what a special woman...We are all special in our own way...Slow n easy y'all...take care. :-)

  • Sushweta

    I loved it because I honour food that I cook, serve & eat. I request my family members to do the same & not start listening to music or discuss very important matters when the food is served. I encourage them to have discussions when they've finished the food. That way, the food receives enough "love" as do our bodies.

  • Baskaran

    Superb video.

  • Taryn

    Awesome video. I am going to buy this book.

  • Raymond Sia

    Wonderful , The sharing of the Seven Practices Of Mindful Eating is Marvellous as we pursue to Lose weight , Keep Slim , Be Healthy we spends lot of money to acheive our wish . But if we can follow the Seven Practices Of Mindful Eating we can save lot of money and we can be healthy also free fro harmful sickness .As the Chinese Saying says Sickness comes from mouth intake , so if we can honour the food ,be mindful of portion sizes , we are able to control the food intake , we will be able to maintain a healthy and beautiful shapes and no need to worry about Lose Weight ,Keep fit , slim . Thanks to Dr Lilian Chueng,s sharing .

  • Anwer

    The above short comments.

  • Pauline

    I have this book and love it. I try always to be mindful when, and of what, I am eating. The smell, the colour, the sound it makes in my mouth, the taste and texture But it is not always easy in our busy lives Thankyou.

  • Susheela Kamath

    Loved the clarity and he way the ideas were expressed. The points were relevant all over the world except the fact that there are great ethnic differences when compared to the Asian or African regions. The key word is "abundance" and over the counter foods. Thanks all the same for the thought provoking video.

  • Jennifer

    Honoring the Food .... some foods have gone thru so many processing that it is finally too much to UN Natural anymore... i'd love to slowly bring back into the meals... foods that LOOK much like when they were harvented... corn that still looks like corn...(not corn chips ) Apples that still look like apples (not apple pies) Fish that still looks like fish.. not the canned things... Going back to simplicity...

  • Tina

    Thank you for the reminder of the greatness of our lives here!! We have access to everything our hearts desire, and the choice of eating healthy!

  • kathleen

    i'm an employee of wegmans food markets at the first store in MASS and we have a program called EAT WELL LIVE WELL and i'm one of the ambassadors leading this and our kickoff is in april. your mindful eating, mindful life is quite similar to our mission which is to inspire and support people of all ages to live healthier and better lives!

  • Fidelia

    The power of being conscientious on the form in which we eat, allows that this daily act becomes a sacred act. Thanks for this beautiful video!

  • Wendy

    The beauty of slowing down, paying attention, and realizing that we can practice mindfulness in many ways...eating being simply one of those ways.

  • Rachel Fresco

    Geneen Roth's books are also a great resource into using food an an entry point into awareness.

  • Anna

    "Honoring the food and it's origin"-really stood out to me, because nature gives so much to us, but how often people forget it is truly a gift and not what is 'rightfully ours'.

  • Gananath

    I got this link in Karmatube and am glad I visited. This video has a simple yet profound message. Thanks.

  • Cydney Smith

    The notion of 'Savor,' really says it all. To savor is to be present and not thinking or planning ahead for the next event or activity. I love this topic.

  • Roberta

    It's all such practical advice -- such common sense ideas we tend to overlook or forget about when we get caught up in the "hurry, hurry" lifestyle we allow ourselves to get caught in.

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  • Read the book Savor, in which World-renowned Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and Harvard nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung show us how to attain a more healthy weight and live a more satisfying life.
  •  Watch Jamie Oliver's talk about why we should teach children everything about food.
  •  Engage all your senses (the second practice in this video) the next time you eat something: the taste, the sight, the beauty, the aroma, the texture, the sound... 

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