Karim Sulayman is an Arab-American tenor from Chicago. Ten days after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Sulayman teamed up with filmmaker Meredith Kaufman Younger to perform a trust experiment. Watch this silent video (set to Sulayman singing Sinead O'Connor's "In this Heart") as Sulayman stands blindfolded outside Trump International Hotel in Central Park West in New York City and asks strangers to trust him. 


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  • Sandra

    I'm hugging you from Australia

  • liz

    Here is another beautiful reaction https://m.youtube.com/watch?fv=vIYrlZhdjRc go to youtube and look for fv=vIYrlZhdjRc

  • Lani

    The opening it created in people's heart to reach out to another person. Such joy on their faces to be able to acknowledge his courage and creativity, and to support and share in it.

  • karen Bamonte

    vulnerability lived

  • ME

    What inspired you about this video? He has shared the best of what is in all of us, no matter who we are. A beautiful sight to see so many reflecting their own openness and trust in response to his.

  • Julia zagar

    The music and the man uplifting all of us from everyday banalities

  • Louise

    His trust in being blindfolded. Anyone could have thrown tomatoes or insults annonimusly, etc. I wonder if he would have gotten the same reaction if he hadn't blindfolded himself.

  • Share

    This man stands for the hope and love that is still in America! Look for ways to show it, look for was to find it. Stay strong!

  • Cheri

    We are all scared by the Political machine in DC. If we all took one moment and embraced each other as members of a great nation, instead of focusing on our differences, think how far we could go as a nation and what we could achieve. Perhaps we should all wear blinders to Race, Color and Religion and judge people by the content of their Character and not color of their skin. HMMM where have I heard that before????? Thanks MLK, not just for the day off of work.

  • tricia

    If only all people could be so open and honest however there are those that scare me because they walk among us

  • claire

    The honesty and kindness shown

  • Bill

    EVERYBODY!All it took was the first,I would hope I would

  • carmel sanders

    It took just one person to begin the hugging. So happy to see so many young people involved and all nationalities. Brought me to tears. Wouldn't the world be a happier place if we could all just give a hug and say g'day.

  • Jennie

    The willingness to put oneself out there and be vulnerable.

  • Yashu

    Tears poured down my face as I watched this - so so beautiful xx

  • Cay

    It is time for us to lean in to each other as this gentleman so poignantly demonstrated by taking the first step toward others.

  • Nesbit

    TRUST requested

  • Gail

    Happy Tears in the morning! There is hope!

  • Judy

    What courage it took for him to stand there with the sign blindfolded. It took a while but when people saw others shaking his hand and hugging him, it was like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger. The music and the voice singing was beautiful. This is truly a message for humanity to be more loving and less hateful.

  • Bob

    Do Not Fear God is still in charge!!! Galatians 2:20

  • Vickie

    So beautiful...his message and his voice. Reminds me to not hesitate or be afraid to step/stand up for what's right, no matter how hesitant others are or what others may say because others will step up in due time, if the goal is for love and kindness for all.

  • Cathleen Becskehazy

    Grateful that there remains so many people moved by this man and willing to hug him or shake his hand. This help me put my sadness and worry into some perspective, although we still have a high mountain to climb.

  • Kathleen Roberts

    Watching how others were moved and touched by his message. People were genuinely moved to tears, smiles, loving touch and this speaks to the universal power of love.

  • Nancy

    the way people seemed to stand back until someone went forward and then all joined in so whole heartedly and happily and openly. And the singing!

  • chris

    this is poignant ... take a moment and enjoy:-)

  • carol

    the trust demonstrated by strangers and the courage that this young man had to stand there blindfolded with the sign.

  • Jeanne Hope

    Totally moved to tears. It may take a moment but we do respond !

  • Merilyn Herrod

    This video was shown in my church service today and I know it made the tears flow as people were sitting there just feeling their feelings. WE have it in us...to be that first person who offers up the first hug.

  • Lori

    This was a courageous experiment with heart warming results that offers a lesson in vulnerability. When any of us sahres our fears, tears, or concerns honeslty, others open their hearts to our hurts, and we all benefit. That connection, that knowledge that we all have pain, and can compel us to feel compassion for one another.

  • Rosemarie LeClercq

    First, that he had the courage to place his trust in the goodness of the American people and that as usual many Americans stepped up to the plate with that goodness. We are a nation that cares for its citizens and those around us. Yes, we fail sometimes to do this, but overall our Greatest comes from the fact that we do care what happens to those around us.

  • Pearl Livingstone

    This wonderful tenor, who I have seen perform on the stage many times in Cleveland with Apollo's Fire Baroque Ensemble, is holding his heritage out to all who will embrace him. Truly heart rending.

  • Florence

    It inspired me that he said what he felt, and reached out to people to understand. Hugs are the best medicine. People also are cautious in light of what has been happening, so their trust and accepting came through once they read the sign.

  • Kevin Kiefaber

    It was interesting that so many people were reading without making a move. We are so cautious sometimes. Hopefully the caring will always come through.

  • Malcolm Raymond

    Yes Lawrence, I too am proud to be a member of the human race, The only label that works, but living things is better, as kindness to all living things works best.

  • Rosalie Nickerson

    How easily the heart opens :)

  • lawrence greer

    What inspired you about this video? "There is only one Race: The human race."(ALdous Huxley (?)) .I am proud to be a member of this Race.

  • lawrence greer

    Sulayman's courage and trust.

  • katly

    This is radical love. This is what we all need. Trust, hope, and acceptance, and love.Thank you Karim!!!

  • Zita

    The power of a simple embrace, a warm hug is so healing!

  • Truus

    We are "followers"so scared to be the first.... amazing and so simple to get something"moved"!!!

  • dianne

    So beautiful and powerful and heartwarming, and HOPE

  • Joanne

    Love is flowing! It took one to shake his hand and hugged him. And others followed it was unconditional love, no matter what his race, color , or what he looked like. What a wonderful world this would be, if each of us would do that for one other.

  • Anthony

    The honesty,the vulnerability of standing blindfolded,silently proclaiming one's truth, and witnessing the kinaesthetic kindness from strangers. A moving,powerful message which made me weep! Thank you!

  • Sondra Fee

    People sharing their love

  • chris

    The fact that it just took one person to "step up" and give the first handshake. We should all be the one to take that first step.

  • Pam

    So many people watching but only when someone is finally moved to hug him do others join in! Very moving...I want to be there and to hug hug myself. His voice is wonderful.

  • Jayne

    This brought tears to my eyes because there is so much more that unites us than decides. Too often we see and hear the hatred and divisions. This simple act is one beautiful reminder in the goodness of our humanity.

  • Julie Russell

    His willingness to stand out there, and the warmth and love that came back to him from the diversity of folks walking by! Tear in my eyes, and my heart expanding!

  • Wayne

    I am so moved! Almost speechless as is this video. Thank you so much May we all have the courage to rust in the ultimate goodness in each of us

  • Marybeth

    This is one of the best pieces of evidence that love, kindness and acceptance are more of who we are as a people in America. Love will conquer hate. I really hope DT and his gang of supporters see this ... Thank you Karim and Meredith - Thank you for showing the world who America really is. <3

  • Marjorie

    This brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. We are better as a nation than those who spread fear and hatred would have us believe. Thanks for providing this example of trust and love.

  • Karen C Harrington

    Yes, let's build a nation of caring and not fear. Let us respect and love one another. Let us embrace each other's differences; not divide us. Please! Do not allow hate to destroy us.

  • Diane

    It gave me hope for our nation. Thank you

  • Libby Bottrell

    It moved me from a place of fear and anger to my true essence...love and compassion,,,,true healing. Thank you sooo much

  • Anika

    I trust you

  • Rosaleen

    An amazing love and acceptance was so beautifully evident.

  • Linda

    Gives my belief that most people are genuinely good and that first of all, I trust all human beings until they deceive me. This is a good man - it doesn't matter what country he was born in; what religion he practices, how much money he has.............he is a good soul and we need many more of these especially now. Thank you for your courage to do his and I am so relieved at the response. There is HOPE. Namaste

  • Efting

    It took courage to allow people to share their love. Tears of relief!

  • Joanie

    How wonderful people are when they see something that can make a difference to even just one man. I feel this is the America I live in, where people recognize each other as PEOPLE, and want to live a good life with each other.

  • maeve

    The bravery of Karim to take a stand as an Arab-American, asking if he is safe in America? The reply of hugs, handshakes and caring words gave him his answer. It brought tears to my eyes, as I hug him too, and all Arab-Americans who are not feeling safe in the US right now. I've forwarded this to many people who would embrace him too. Maeve

  • Marilyn A Jones

    That the first person to come forward inspired others to keep coming. The 'bystander effect' is well known in psychology---that it takes someone with the courage to come forward or we all become 'bystanders'. Also that most of his responders were young. Gives me hope for our future.

  • Madelyn

    The first person to go forward

  • Marj

    Everything inspired me about this video! What a neat reinforcement that one person truly can make a difference! Thank you to the folks that created this piece! You are awesome and I love and trust you all!

  • Lynda Cochrane

    The first person to come out of the crowd was so brave. Then others followed. Let us all have the courage to lead our fellow human beings onto the path of peace and goodwill. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Julia Clay

    People want to be good, and all it takes sometimes is one person to show us how. This is a beautiful example of goodness, and it brought tears to me eyes.

  • carolyn peck

    All it takes is one to turn things around. Thank you!

  • Tim

    The Real United Nations

  • Ian A Mott

    How people should act!

  • Elaine

    The words on his board, his being blindfolded,the first person to come to him out of the crowd and all the people who touched an hugged and spoke to him. Lots of tissues needed, it so touched my heart. Thank you!

  • Margaret M Bethune

    How peoples minds are open to trust especially with all the terror happening in the world.

  • Steve

    He is able to do this in America (free and democratic)...he should do it in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other God forsaken countries where there is no spiritual values left....

  • Trish

    Trust and Faith

  • Doreen Young

    By showing your vulnerability brings so much joy and love. By making that offer you will receive

  • Natalie Young

    someone being vulnerable, taking a risk, believing in the goodness and essential connectedness of all people and giving us a chance to express it.

  • Janet

    All of it. The message (to which I say, yes! you are safe with me). The video. And as a singer--my god, what a tenor voice! May you keep singing, everywhere and with all your heart!

  • Mary Carouba

    From one Arab-American to another: Karim, you have touched and inspired me. Thank you.

  • Darcy

    Beautiful and inspiring! Goodness is all around us.

  • Caela Farren

    The first person emboldened other people to approach and hug and hold. The depth of the feeling generated was amazing. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I saw the diversity of our blessed country and am filled with hope. Thank you for doing this!

  • Lorien

    The number of people that came up to him, from all different ages, races, and walks of life...the common humanity, the goodness in everyone. His nobility and courage as he just stood there, having no idea what would happen, but trusting somehow that someone would be touched and respond. And a lot of people were touched and responded. I cried watching this. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Margery

    The courage and trust he showed! and the trust and love he received in return!

  • David

    He is putting his "idea of trust" to the test. I'd trust him.

  • Sylvia Rousseve

    That human beings are loving and compassionate. We have hope and light in the face of darkness.

  • Mary Cunningham Agee

    Faith ... hope ... and love. The greatest of these truly is love. Love depends upon trust. Beautiful!

  • Gus

    The power of love... of trust... faith and hope... thanks for bringing it home...

  • Sarah

    Thank you. That was so beautiful, has brought a tear to my eyes. Here is a virtual hug

  • Lucie

    Overwhelmed by the humanity and love. May we all be so open and supportive

  • Sharon Hill

    Karim - thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your fears, and hope, particularly in a way that invited others to overcome their fears and indifference and to literally embrace and comfort you. I embrace you too.

  • Nikki

    Blessed are those who are the makers of Peace. Karim shows us all the human capacity to open the heart thru trust, courage and trust. Certainly we as a human family must help foster this gift of Heart. Thank you Karim and Meredith for bringing us closer to one another thru your vision of Love.

  • marilyn

    The Power of One! Very moving and powerful message.

  • Ted

    Thank you, Karim. You have shown that amid dark times, goodness prevails. Goodness is always within us, right under the surface - sometimes we need a Karim to allow us to let it out. Thank you for giving us the gift of letting goodness out.

  • Taffy

    This is America. May "We The People" never forget it.

  • Lewis

    It's wonderful that people endlessly find ways to promote understanding and peace in their own unique way. This is so touching because it rests on TRUST which is the first casualty of xenophobia, racism, and nationalism. Taking this action in front of the TRUMP Tower is a towering reminder that Love Trumps Hate. To this young man a debt of gratitude is owed.

  • Peg

    What was sad was that people hesitated and it took a first brave person stepping forward to get people to hug him.

  • Robbye

    I applaud the first person who went up to Karim! Others followed. Be the leader in any situation, be the first.. All to gain and nothing to lose! Wonderful!

  • S. Grace

    Deeply moved. This utterly vulnerable approach is simply beautiful and powerful. Yes to love and trust! That's all it takes to dissolve fear. Thank you, Karim, for this brave initiative! And thank you all the courageous ones who participate! Love & blessings to you all.

  • julia weaver

    The hope! Thank you so much.

  • Sheree Victorian

    This brought tears of Great Joy, for I know, and have always know , it is the people that will always do the right thing in these United States of America. We the people make this country what it is and we create the wonder-filled experiences of life. I am grateful to be one of the ones who love unconditionally. Thank you for showing who America really is locally, at random, everyday.

  • Trust

    I have seen many videos similar to this and each reaffirms the man's most basic instinct is to love and be loved. I do not wish to offend any one by saying I do not understand why there appears to be an unspoken political message about president-elect Trump. My hope would be just as we would trust and embrace this stranger, we might be able to trust and embrace all, including president-elect Trump and those who chose to vote for him.

  • Cyndy Boyles

    I am so grateful seeing an answer to my 24/7 prayers. Yes the light is expanding. Hearts are thawing and softening by trusting unconditional love. Love unites and hate divides quote by author S. Schoen "God is Inside Out", nearing release.

  • Diane

    Whether it's in front of the Trump building or a park or prison, compassion only needs to be felt in order to give it back. Make a safe space and open your heart. Sit back and watch what happens.

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