Watching Patience Beard execute complex moves on the field, you would never think the vivacious cheerleader was different — until you saw her prosthetic leg. Patience was born with Proximal Focal Femoral Deficiency, a condition that left her with an underdeveloped left femur bone. Doctors amputated her leg when she was less than a year old. Determined to give their daughter a normal life, Patience’s parents encouraged her to participate in gymnastics and cheerleading. Patience has never let her state hold her back, or dominate her aspirations. One of Patience’s dreams materialized when she won a spot as the Division 1 Cheerleader at the University of Arkansas. Now, she takes pride in her school’s football team and her zebra-striped prosthesis, just a personalized touch for her leg.


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  • Can you spot Patience with her cheerleading team on their official web page? It's just another example of how she is the same as her peers.
  • Visit Active Amps to see how people with amputations can participate in sports and stay active and healthy!
  • We're all different in our own ways, some that are more visible than others. Take a moment to appreciate your differences; they make you a unique individual.

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