In an era of celebrity-worship and the “selfie”, can a person find power in… humbleness? Hanan Harchol explores humility in a sketch series for Jewish Food for Thought. Hanan’s usually taciturn father surprises him with praise. Hanan asks why his father only praises him when Hanan is at a low point in life. And so begins a thought-provoking conversation about the power of humility, as his father encourages Hanan to be like the earth, whose gravitational force draws everything towards it. By exerting humbleness, people stop feeling the need to compete. They allow themselves to relax and be themselves when they stop fighting for power with another that demands recognition. “Humility” urges us to reconsider this facet as a sign of weakness, and begin to recognize how deceptively potent it is for the individual.


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  • Sara

    The teachings were very profound. It illustrates the mussar midah of anavah perfectly. A simple conversation, from generation to generation, is written in a way that enlightens the mind and warms the heart at the same time.

  • Nua

    Hope I can translate this message into words that my children can understand. Love love love this simple but power message Hanan!

  • Lori

    I liked the way this was presented... give up the fight, have humility and lose the ego. Good words to live by!

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  • Take a moment of reflect how you can employ humility to empower yourself and others in your environments, such as at home, school, work, or volunteering.

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